Understanding How To Setup, Use & Read Google Analytics


Google Analytics tracks the following kinds of data about how visitors interact with your site content:

  • The pages on which they enter and exit your site.
  • How often and how long they view individual pages.
  • The extent to which they search your site for specific content.
  • The extent to which they interact with things like slide shows or embedded videos.
  • How frequently they click AdSense ads, and the revenue you see from those clicks.

Google Analytics is a free tool that anyone can utilize.

Google Analytics works with a WordPress website and NON-Wordpress, such as HTML.

On our fan page, each month we ask what tutorial would be helpful for you and Kimberley responded with assistance in regards to “reading analytics 101″.

Since everyone is on a different learning curve we started at the beginning and are offering 2 How To reports.

1. Understanding How To Use Google Analytics

2. How To Read Google Analytics

Plus – Google Analytic reporting from CreativeVirtualSpark.com with a live analysis. Feel free to take the helpful tips and review your analytics and apply what you can to your website too.


Want a Review by Staci? Email her directly at staci@creativevirtualspark.com and she will get you added into her schedule to complete your review.


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