How To Setup & Use Google Analytics for Your Business

Learning about Google Analytics is very important for every business owner.

Have you looked at your Google Analytics lately?
Have you reviewed and compared prior months or quarters to see what you’ve improved upon, what areas you need to still improve on?

googleanalytics-learningcourseI’ve put together this learning course for any business owner to get a better understanding of how you can get Google Analytics to work for you.

Included in this Google Analytics 101 & 201 training is:

  • How To Setup & Use Google Analytics
  • How To Read Google Analytics
  • How To Setup My Dashboard in Google Analytics
  • Video of My Dashboard in Action

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Force a Download of any file – PDF, mp3, mp4, etc

I’ve been helping clients set up their memberships, telesummits, and other events where there is some type of file that needs to be available for those participating and the request is to make sure they can view it online and download it. The easiest way I can achieve this is to put a View Online […]

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Understanding How To Setup, Use & Read Google Analytics

Google Analytics tracks the following kinds of data about how visitors interact with your site content: The pages on which they enter and exit your site. How often and how long they view individual pages. The extent to which they search your site for specific content. The extent to which they interact with things like […]

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Have you taken a iPersonic Type test before?

Very interesting to learn more about yourself. iPersonic The free 5 minute Career Personality Test. Immediate results, no registration required. Get Started Here:  Be sure to report back with your findings about yourself! After I took the quick test, found out my results! Your iPersonic Type: The Determined Realist Determined Realists like you want to […]

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Must Do: Take a Typology Test

If you want to try your hand at self-analysis, there are lots of online tests listed on Google, including: the Jung Typology Test at HumanMetrics A “Big 5” personality test at The Personality Project Before you send us that e-mail, here’s another link to explain your Big 5 score in type terminology. Keirsey’s Temperament Sorter […]

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Free Information Available at Internet Marketer’s Website announced the free availability to Get Your Brand in Front of a Targeted, Qualified Audience Today at In this new eBook, visitors be able to enter their name and email address to obtain a FREE copy of “How To Effectively Use Promotional Marketing”. This guide teaches you everything you need to know to […]

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Pay Per View – The New Big Traffic Source

Marketers all over the world are making thousands of dollars a day using this new traffic source: Pay per view. What is pay per view, how does it work and can you use it to promote your product? Read on to find out. What is Pay Per View? Pay Per View allows you to target […]

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Little-Known AdWords Tactics: How to Pay $0.10 When Others are Paying $1.00

Imagine paying $0.10 cents per click, while others are paying $1.00. How easy would it be to dominate your market when you’re playing with those kinds of numbers? In this article you’ll learn a bunch of little-known tactics that will help you increase your ROI and reduce your CPC. What Nobody Told You About Quality […]

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How to Get Your Videos Watched by Hundreds of Web Visitors

What if I told you that you could create a 5 minute video in less than an hour of work with no video editing skills and have it seen by hundreds or thousands of visitors who’re interested in learning more about your product? It’s not only possible – It’s easy. Here’s how. Creating a Video […]

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