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Staci & Doug Jansma

Providing your small business with the online marketing and public relations support you need to succeed in our increasingly digital world is our primary purpose at Creative Virtual Spark, LLC. Our aim is to eliminate your marketing obstacles by delivering a full range of support services including press release distribution and article marketing, as well as creative Squidoo lenses.

Our tools of choice are geared towards your needs for ease, simplicity and speed, such as our use of the WordPress StudioPress themes featuring the vital mobile-responsive design, so you don’t miss an opportunity to impress a customer no matter how they access your website.

Behind the scenes, you’ll find the husband and wife team of Staci and Doug Jansma dedicated to making bringing your vision to life a pleasant and profitable experience.

We’ve included our personal bios below. We’d love to know more about you and discover how we can work together, so be sure to schedule an appointment to get your marketing kickstarted.

About Staci Jansma

Staci Jansma

I never imagined I would specialize in something with a name like – Squidoo when I graduated from Wartburg College in 2003. Though I had majored in Business Administration with an emphasis on Marketing and Management, such things as WordPress, Squidoo and Facebook simply didn’t exist back then and working from home was somewhat of an anomaly rather than a legitimate career choice.

Thank goodness things have changed!

While my six years working in a corporate work environment after college were instrumental in helping to develop a great foundation for the services I provide today, it was impossible to find the family-work balance that I considered essential.

I left the corporate world when my son was 4 months old to launch my first successful online business and I haven’t looked back since.

I have thrived helping business owners in my role as a virtual assistant. Sorting through complicated technical problems and finding solutions for my clients has been almost as rewarding as the benefits I get from being home to raise my children.

It’s such a blessing to actively parent while building a business.

I love to network through social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Forums for Working at Home and I’m a member of dynamic Mastermind Groups — Mom Masterminds and Business and Learning.

Partnering with my husband to create Creative Virtual Spark, LLC was a natural progression as my virtual assistance practice grew and our niche websites and Squidoo lenses began to deliver results.

I handle many of the day to day tasks and scheduling, so I look forward to hearing from you.

Creative Virtual Spark, LLC has been in the making and growing while working for clients virtually since May 2009.

About Doug Jansma

Doug Jansma

It’s probably no surprise to those that know me that I chose a career in a helping profession. There are few rewards that match the satisfaction of knowing I’ve played a role in improving patient’s lives through Physical Therapy. As I move forward in my career into management, the act of helping continues to be the core of my work philosophy.

Not so coincidentally, it’s the core of my life philosophy too.

In addition to my roles as Facility Rehab Director and Physical Therapy Assistant at Blue Stone Therapy Solutions, I also wear a few hats for the business my wife and I founded, Creative Virtual Spark, LLC.

While I’m not nearly as proud of our work there as I am in the awesomeness of the two children we share, it is another avenue of helping that brings fulfillment (and is helpful in bulking up the college fund for said children!)

Over the past few years, I have become adept at creating and managing Squidoo lenses, and have learned the fundamentals of online marketing through the niche websites we operate, but helping small business owners bring their vision to life through online marketing and custom web design is especially gratifying.

I’d love to see what we can do for you, so if you’re a small business owner in the area please click over to see us at www.creativevirtualspark.com.