Amazon S3 and S3Fox

Two really neat tools that I started to use this month.

1. Amazon S3

2. S3Fox (Firefox add-on)

Amazon S3 – for storage. I can upload any file I want and have it fun through Amazon S3 versus my server – which should help to keep my website running as fast as I can and also help keep certain files secure for me. I do have to say that it was hard to get the account setup – I went through 2 options of signing up and then tried numerous times to use their system for uploading files. While a file was uploading I tried to look at one that was already completed to make sure I could get the URL and see if my video would play – to my surprise – I could not even locate where to find the URL. Seriously Amazon – why does things have to be so difficult with your system. I asked my business partner, Tanya Watson ( how do you get to watch your videos that you upload into Amazon S3. I am missing something but what?

Her response was simple and one word – S3Fox. Thanks!

Great – so now I need 2 things to make one thing work – its the way of the new internet world right! We need this and that to make this and this and oh yeah – that work. Crazy how we go through so many hurdles but in the end hope our path was the correct one.

I have to say that I am very happy with S3Fox and glad that I took the steps to download it and use it. I had files uploading while I was sleeping and now I am ready to start switching the bigger files from my server to the URL that Amazon S3 has.

S3Fox has made life so much easier and within 5 minutes I figured out how to get the URL by right clicking and then I just had to make sure my properties were setup for the folder. Easy Peasy! Thank you S3Fox and Thank you Tanya!

If you are struggling with Amazon S3 or unsure about S3Fox, use S3Fox – you’ll thank me later!

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