Are you using SEO to the fullest?

Lately I have been focusing on ways that I can move my website to the top of the Google search engines results. What I have been learning is you can control certain things such as ON-SITE SEO. On-site means what you can do for yourself within your own website.

Another key tip I found is to optimizing for local search and you will find less competition and it is easier to maintain a small and focused scope. Some questions that I found to be useful to ask:

Why are you wanting people to visit your website? Do you want people to just visit or do you want an “action” to take place during their visit (such as buy a product/service/or is this a lead page to another website)?

For example – FREE informational website – want people to visit and read what is listed. Services or Products based website – you want to sell something to your visitors.

Next think about keywords that will bring visitors to your website. Try to collect at least 5 main keywords. (Tip: Use Market Samurai to help you. Or sign up for Google Adwords. Use the keyword tool and ad text ideas generator, you will find that both of these tools can help you in many ways.)

Create a list of the best keywords that you located, these keywords should be 2+ keyword phrases. Of course the longer keyword phrases the better.

Start to use these keywords on the website for on-site SEO. Put the keywords in your Meta Title, Meta description, and Heading tags.

Your action plan: “Just Do It!” Put this on your to-do list for this next week. I would dedicate about 1 hour to keyword research and about 1/2-1 hour for implementation of your results.

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