Best Tax Tips for Writers – Part 1

You have every legal right to pay the least amount of taxes required by law!

Yes, the tax laws change every year and they also get more complicated but it’s worth your time and energy to pay attention to your finances so you can reduce your tax bill. Managing finances is also a key component of a successful business.

If your business has a loss (more expenses than income), you may be able to reduce earnings from your job (or your spouse’s job) at tax time.Continue Reading

How to Leverage Your Work by Repurposing Your Writing

While repurposing may suggest something that’s environmentally friendly, it’s actually a technique practiced regularly by many successful non-fiction writers and authors. They’ve learned they can leverage their effectiveness many times over, and there’s no reason you can’t do the same. In fact, if you haven’t done this yet, you owe it to yourself and your future audiences who otherwise might miss out on your knowledge, expertise and talents to do so. And if you have, maybe you can pick up some inspiration here to get even more mileage out of work you’ve already created.

So who exactly are these “successful” people that repurpose their work? Continue Reading

The Ultimate Book Coach: Kristen Eckstein

Take a survey to clarify your writing goals and Kristen will give you a FREE digital copy of her book! Click Here!

Latest from Kindle Direct Publishing – KDP Select

We are very excited to announce that Kindle Owners’ Lending Library is now available in the UK, Germany and France, in addition to the US.  You have the opportunity to earn more money and reach more readers by enrolling your titles in KDP Select. The KDP Select Global Fund for November is $700,000.

In the month of October KDP Select-enrolled authors earned $2.36 each time their books were borrowed.

If you are an enrolled author you can see your results here. For more information about KDP Select, please click here. For more information about the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, please click here.

Announcing KDP in Japan

We are very excited to announce Kindle Direct Publishing is now available in Japan!  Your KDP published books are now available in the Japanese Kindle store, provided you had indicated rights to distribute in Japan when publishing your book.  To review your preferences for a title sold in Japan, simply visit your KDP bookshelf. Visit to publish your books in Japanese, or any KDP supported language, and you can experience chats in the Community Forum or interactions with customer service in Japanese.

Marketing Tidbit of the Month
How to Connect with Your Readers

What is best-selling author Karen McQuestion’s secret to connecting with her fans? Establish a personal connection with readers by holding drawings on your blogs and social media where you give away copies of your books. When you send out the book to the winner, include a personal note and encourage them to write a review on Amazon. Don’t take your readers for granted and respond to your reader’s comments on social media and on your blog. For more tips on connecting with your readers from our CreateSpace friends, please click here.

Very easy to use Kindle formatting tool…

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The majority of bad reviews on Kindle are due to bad formatting on the author’s part.

But it’s HARD to get that formatting right… and really headache inducing.

Before this Kindle Formatter online software, uploading a book was a SEVEN step process that could take you an HOUR.

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How to determine the best price point for your market, and why you need to make this decision before you begin writing.

Why you should consider buying your own ISBN, and where to go for help – Don’t let Amazon stake a claim on your book until you read this!

How to pull out all the stops when it comes to marketing, and how you can use the power of social media to propel your book to the top of the charts.

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