1ShoppingCart Tip: Subscribe Clients To Multiple Autoresponders

E-zines, newsletters, e-mail series. All are smart, effective marketing tools, but signing up takes time and effort, especially since most opt-in forms are designed to subscribe your clients to only a SINGLE autoresponder for a specific purpose.

But wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to have that same opt-in form subscribe your clients to MULTIPLE autoresponders at the same time?

Thanks to 1ShoppingCart™, now there is — and it takes just three easy steps!

First, look for the following line in the form code (where “XXXXX” is the current autoresponder ID):

<input name=”defaultar” type=”hidden” id=”defaultar” value=”XXXXX”>

This line tells the form which autoresponder to subscribe your clients to. In order to allow for a multiple-autoresponder subscription:

  1. Delete any instances of the word “default.”
  2. Copy and paste the line to add as many autoresponders as you wish.
  3. Update the ID for each autoresponder.

For example, let’s say you wanted to subscribe your clients to three separate autoresponders after they fill out your opt-in form. Your form code would contain the following:

<input name=”ar” type=”hidden” id=”ar” value=”XXXXX”>
<input name=”ar” type=”hidden” id=”ar” value=”YYYYY”>
<input name=”ar” type=”hidden” id=”ar” value=”ZZZZZ”>

In this example, you’ll notice:

  1. Any reference to the word “default” has been deleted.
  2. Three duplicates of the line have been created in order to allow for three autoresponders.
  3. “XXXXX”, “YYYYY” and “ZZZZZ” represent the three updated autoresponder IDs, which you can get from 1ShoppingCart™.

In this example we listed three autoresponders, but using this simple method, you can easily subscribe your clients to two, five, or more!

It’s an easy, effective, smart way to get the most out of your marketing materials.

About Tyler Sorensen

Tyler Sorensen has been considered the 1ShoppingCart™ Expert for 8 years running. He gives you 1ShoppingCart™ Tips and Advanced Strategies that is very difficult to find around the web! Keep reading to maximize your 1ShoppingCart™ account and increase your shopping cart conversions! Original Source: http://www.1shoppingcartexperts.com/blog/subscribeultiple-autoresponders/

Inexpensive wedding ideas

As a mother of three girls, I’ve planned my share of weddings. We aren’t the wealthiest of families and the costs of three weddings did put a bit of a financial burden on us. However, we managed to put together three amazing and perfect weddings that looked like they cost a lot more than they actually did. How did we do that? Well, we did lots of homework on finding inexpensive wedding ideas. Once we found some great tips and hints, we put some creativity and imagination into it and pulled them off.

There are lots of inexpensive wedding ideas that can be created if you have a more limited budget or are simply not wanting to spend a small fortune. Weddings today cost, on average, $15,000. That is absolutely ridiculous. Sure, it is supposed to be the happiest day of your life but it isn’t supposed to be the most expensive day of your life. So many couples start off their marriage in debt because of the high costs of the special day. Find some inexpensive wedding ideas and save yourself the burden.

One of the best inexpensive wedding ideas that you’ll find is purchasing the bridal gown. Some women spend thousands of dollars for a dress that they will wear for one day. You can go to discount bridal shops, consignment shops or even search ebay for the dress of your dreams. There is no reason why you should spend more than a few hundred dollars. If you do end up getting a gently used wedding gown, no one will ever know, except for you. Some other inexpensive wedding ideas can be used when looking for a place to hold your ceremony and reception. If you know someone who has a beautiful house or yard, ask them if you can have your wedding there. Choosing a private property as a wedding site can save more money than you can imagine.

One of the most wonderful inexpensive wedding ideas that helped us to save lots of money was cutting costs on flowers. Yes, roses are elegant and beautiful, but so are lots of less expensive flowers. Find some wildflowers, homegrown flowers or something that costs less because it is in season. By choosing different flowers, you can save quite a bit of money and look even more elegant because you are doing something a bit different.

When you take the time to look around as you’re planning your special day, you might notice lots of inexpensive wedding ideas that will make your day just as special. Creating your own wedding invitations is another idea that can save quite a bit of money. Some people choose to elope because they cannot afford an elaborate wedding. They might have a small reception when they return. Inexpensive wedding ideas will make your special day a huge success and allow you to spend money on lots of other important moments.

Exhibiting Refinement – Exhibition Stand Design

Exhibition stands have experienced a significant upgrade in their design since the days of a fold-out table and a hastily assembled four pole tent. Now, advanced laser printing techniques combined with superior hardware and media display options make exhibition stands a dynamic and engaging presence on the trading floor. Depending on the complexity of the stand, it may even feature distinct “rooms.” Hardware Part of the reason for the revamped designs has to do with the hardware used to assemble the stands. Many stands use a combination of traditional vertical segments with overarching curved struts or support beams. These beams frequently are integrated with lighting, which can add depth and unusual vibrancy to the rest of the stand. The stand becomes more of a storefront and less of a rigidly defined space. In many cases, the stand has no roof, but instead allows the visitor to gaze up into the heights of the exhibition hall. This prevents claustrophobia and makes each stand seem like a destination, and not merely a hold-over point stuffed with merchandise. The integration of audio-visual components, such as television screens, holographic displays, and digital ticker-tape displays add another dimension to the stand. A casual observer will

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Upgrading aMember Video Tutorial

From time to time, all software need upgrades for various reasons and this week was one of them. aMember released a security patch and also an upgrade. You don’t have to upgrade to patch the software and they do give you clear instructions how to apply the patch. Although it is always recommended you upgrade. We had to perform several of these this week since the patch involves the affiliate program – something all our clients uses heavily. If you need to do this, don’t know of someone who can do it for you and are nervous about doing so, head on over to our sister site TechBasedTraining for a short training video  how to upgrade aMember.

What Happened To The WWW In My URL?

Another good question from our mailbag “The www seemed to have disappeared from my site when I visit it. I always use www in my links but when I go to my site it loads without the www in it.” Before I go into the likely fix, a little back story so you understand the underlying issue. Normally all sites are accessible using either www or without. However for SEO purposes, some web masters ‘force’ the URL to only www or without. If you notice TechBasedMarketing does NOT use www. Why? It’s just my preference. I think it shortens my already long domain name and I feel by now or at least going on out, people are more focused on the domain name than the www.  In short, I feel the www is redundant. Ok… so now you know you can ‘force’ your site to display with or without whichever you choose doesn’t matter as long as you pick one and stick with it. According to the question above, the site owner obviously wants the www in the URL back. Since she is using WordPress, the first thing you should do is: Log into WordPress ad admin, go to Settings

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URL Shorteners Gets You Flagged As Spammer

Did you know that certain URL shortening services are blacklisted? If you do use such services now may be the time to re-think how you present URLs in your emails because it can get your messages flagged. Even if you use a third party email service like Aweber, there are always little things you can do to help your deliver-ability. So which shorteners are blacklisted right now? While that is certainly an interesting question and there is a published list. Please be aware. Just because you don’t see your favorite URL shortener on the list doesn’t mean you’re ‘safe’. URI’s get blacklisted and dropped on a daily basis. It can be a full time job just keeping up with all that – and really, who has time for that everyday? Not me. However, if you must look at the list, you can find it in this post on black listed link shorteners. What you can do instead is to use your very own URL shortener – a domain that you own and you know a spammer would not use. I have something like set up. Purchased a domain, set up WordPress on it and then used the Pretty Link Pro

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Before You Update To WordPress 3.2

I’ve been following closely the WordPress 3.2 release in the past week and have noticed a small detail that some of us may not have seen. That is version 3.2 requires a minimum of: PHP 5.2.4 and MySQL 5.0.15 For most people who have a host that’s on top of things, this will not be a problem. Still, it never hurts to check! However, I wanted to point this out because I know some clients have sites that still run on MySQL 4 and even PHP 4 until very recently. So before you go and happily hit the update button, make sure you check your servers first. WordPress.org recommends the health check plugin. A note on the health check plugin. A lot of people get confused with the version numbers. For example, you may see: Your server is running PHP 5.2.17 and tells you, you are good to go. Due to the way we are all taught to look at numbers, you may be thinking 5.2.17 is less than 5.2.4 (the minimum). Actually it is not. What you should be focusing is the last number – 17. 17 is a later version (or larger number), after 4. In that sense,

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Setting Up Your Own Domain Parking System

Here’s one of my newest projects. Making sure all my dormant domains are parked on my own system. Why? Well because right now, this is what some of my un-used domain pages look like when you go there. Yuck! I’m sure you’ve seen many sites like that right? It may not be the exact same thing but you get the idea. The registrar is using your domain to make money on ads and sell their products. Smart of them, not so great for you. After all, you paid for the domain. If you’ve been in this game for a while you know what you need to do. Set up a hosting account, upload your own holding page. So why didn’t you do it? Why didn’t I do it? My hold ups… I was too lazy to setup a site. The thought of having to break out the FTP program or Expression Web is tiresome. I didn’t know what to put on the holding page. If I did, I didn’t have a good template and lastly… I sure as hell didn’t want to set up WordPress just to put up a holding page because now I’d have yet another WordPress site

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Don’t Miss This Web Developer Bundle For Mac Users

I don’t do a lot of my web development on the Mac (although I find that changing a little because I’m bringing my laptop out more) . As a result, most of my videos and training instructions are done on Windows. Naturally, I often get people asking me what tools they can use as an alternative for Mac users.  I know first hand Mac apps can get expensive especially development related tools. But with this bundle you will certainly save a lot. Here’s what caught my eye in the bundle 1Password. I have this GREAT software to help you login, save passwords. Billings – A time and billing manager. While I don’t have this, any developer could use a billing and time tracking tool. Text Expander – This is very much like my little macro software. It does the typing for you. I use my Windows version to help me type up code, URLs, email templates just a lot. Arq Backup software -Oh yes. Always, always, always backup! And a ebook version of Rockstar Freelancer Now there’s a lot more in the bundle, just a few things that caught my eye. These are the tools I would use every week

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If You Use These Plugins, Listen Up

Earlier this week, there was suspicious activity noted at WordPress.org’s plugin directory. In short, someone has uploaded fake copies of several popular plugins. The three that were specifically pointed out were AddThis, AddThis, WPtouch, or W3 Total Cache. If you use these plugins and updated them sometime around the 21st you will need to update it again. For more on this, here is the official announcement. Photo by astrolame