Recommended Tools You Can Use

The following is what we’ve been using for a few years in our business.  We’ll be adding to this list to keep you updated. Bookmark this page so you can use reference it as often as you need to.

Getting Your Site Online:

List Building/Autoresponder:

Depending on your setup we’d recommend a few options for you…

First, are you using a shopping cart that includes an Autoresponder? If yes – then we’d automatically recommend that you use that versus adding another system and additional expense into the mix. If you’d like an all-in-one system, highly recommend KickStartCart.

Secondly, if you are just looking for an autoresponder system with no shopping cart, then we’d recommend Aweber which you can send your emails and ezine through as you wish.

Personally we’ve been established with WAHMCart since 2009 and use that for our shopping cart and autoresponder system, so you will see my email delivered through WAHMCart’s system.

Ecommerce Shopping Cart Systems:

Selling your Book on Kindle:

  • Kindle Formatter – Affordable online software that allows you to turn your Word Documents into digital books you can publish on the Kindle [self-publishing option!]

Communicating with Team Members and Clients

  1. Skype – Use often for coaching, strategy calls and training with clients and team members.
  2. Google Voice – Helpful if you are calling when we’re not in the office or use Pamela for Skype (works with Skype to record all calls).

Keeping my Business Safe and Protected

  1. Mozy – Backs up my computer twice daily
  2. Roboform Everywhere – Securely stores all logins, usernames and passwords – for easy access when we need to log in.

Blog Plugins and Helpful Tools that I Love

  • Convert Your Blog Post Keywords Into Money Making Links with Ninja Affiliate Plugin [WP Plugin]
  • Duplicate Content Percentage Checker & Examiner Tool [WP Plugin]
  • Keyword Analysis Tool – Market Samurai
  • Building Landing Pages for Facebook Business Pages
  • Create Questionnaires, Checkout Forms and more with Gravity Forms
  • Create your LLC with CorpNet
  • Need Stock Images? Use or
  • Need Disclaimers on your website? AutoWebLaw has everything you’d need.
  • Need disclaimers just for your digital book or ebook? eBookLegalese
  • Display videos on your website with ease using FLV Video [WP Plugin]
  • Create, Record or Edit Video and Audio with Camtasia
  • Need a Logo or Professional Graphic – highly recommend LOGONERDS

DISCLOSURE: We may be an affiliate for the products we recommend. Meaning, if you purchase from our link we earn a commission.

Excellent Teamwork and Efficient Results…

Thank you very much for your excellent teamwork and efficient results relative to setting up my personalized website and Twitter page. It was so easy to work with you as a team…a one-stop-shop, so to speak. You are both highly professional and I appreciated your attention to detail and the high level of customer service that you both offered my project. I have happily referred you to my friends. I wish you both continued success in your businesses and I will definitely be calling upon you both again.

~ Catherine Lorenz
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Why You Need a Blog and a Blog Manager

Are you a website owner or the owner of a company who is trying to obtain a web presence as a way to promote your company or business? Then, you are probably at some time or another going to, or maybe you have already ventured into the world of blogging.

Blogging though it began as sort of a hobby for many, has turned into a profitable business for others, and also a way to assist business owner’s in connecting with their target audience and drawing them into their websites through a new format, the blog.

So, you may already have a blog or you might be a business owner who sees the need for one but you either don’t know where to begin or don’t have the time it takes to maintain a blog. If either is the case for you, you should consider outsourcing your blog management. Here’s why:

Blog Management helps to provide keyword rich content to your company’s blog and website. There are many benefits to having a company blog, these include:

Branding – Having a blog gives you a place online to help establish your brand. It can help you to build a reputation with your readers that will give you a positive image and help lead your readers to become your customers.

Fresh Content – Fresh, original content on your blog helps the search engines find you. The more often you can provide fresh content the better off you are.

SEO – Search Engine Rankings are where it’s at these days and you can receive higher rankings for your website by using a blog and its content to drive those rankings. We optimize your blog posts with key words that help drive traffic to your site, increasing your search engine rankings.

More Traffic – Above all the blog helps with your traffic as previously mentioned and whether you want higher search engine rankings or just more customers, traffic is the way to receive both. And a blog with fresh content is how to get that traffic.

Meet Staci


Welcome to I received a Bachelor of Arts in 2003 majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis on Marketing and Management from Wartburg College, Waverly, Iowa.  I have been working in Corporate America for 6 years and have learned more about myself and what I really want in life – a true balance between family and work.

Because of my corporate experience and background, I’m here to help you as your Virtual Assistant.  I love to network through social media sites like  Twitter, Facebook,  LinkedIn, Forums for Working at Home and I’m a member of a dynamic Mastermind Group — Mom Masterminds and Business and Learning.

I have started a journey that not only helps me develop myself through Squidoo Lens, but also allows me to express my thoughts and ideas in every lens I create.  Lensography means a collection of lens, you can view my StaciJansma’s Lensography. I am a proud member and Session 3 graduate of RocketMoms!

Rocketmoms is an “invite-only gathering of the smartest women on the web, working together to make Squidoo lenses and a whole lot more”.

If you need assistance and are looking for someone that can get it accomplished no matter what it takes – contact Staci.  I am dedicated to completing what I start simply because it’s my personality and passion to help others.

My experience also includes being a Pharmacy Technician for 5 years.  I now realize my family is more important than being in an office away from time with my children and having to send them to daycare.

Why Article Marketing

There are many ways to market ones business, but not all ways are equal, and not all ways are effective. If you want to market your business and do so effectively you must do so in a variety of ways. One of the ways that you can market your business, even on a shoestring budget is with article marketing. The wonderful thing about article marketing is that it literally multiplies your marketing. It keeps working long after you’ve done the work.

Article marketing works in a variety of ways. These include:

Spreading Content. Article marketing allows you to write an article once and have it used again and again. Basically, you write the article, submit it to directories and then watch your content spread all over the internet.

Building Inbound Links. Submitting your articles to directories allows you to spread your content, but it also allows you to spread and gain inbound links to your website. This is done through the most important part of article marketing, your bio, or resource box. This is where you want to put links back to your website. Then, every time one of your articles is picked up and used, it is also sending people to your site through a link.

Establishing Yourself as an Expert. The more content you create, distribute and is out there on your niche topic the more you are seen as an expert on that topic. Article marketing allows you to establish yourself as an expert by simply sharing your knowledge.

That’s it really. Article marketing in a nutshell and why it works. Why not make it work for you?