BackupBuddy ERROR: Register Globals and other PHP Settings

I love my hosting service which is HostGator. I have used 3 hosting companies since I have been online with my first website (yours’ truly on April 29, 2009). How exciting right!

I first had GoDaddy – I wanted everything together so I figured I would get my domain with GoDaddy – get my hosting with GoDaddy and be happy. Soon did I realize that I just didn’t like GoDaddy for hosting. It seemed to be more confusing for me or try to get others to help guide me – because everyone disliked GoDaddy hosting.

I soon joined MomWebs as I was a member of MomMasterminds and was pretty happy with my websites. My websites didn’t experience many issues or downtime however my clients’ had a bubble in their hosting where their sites were down for a few days. The hosting was restored quickly – but some of the content was just lost because a backup wasn’t set within the past week prior to the crash of their server. This has lead me to ensure my hosting is up to par and so is my backup plan.

I was happy to join HostGator as I heard so many great things about their hosting and have been told by a client, Once you go to HostGator – you just don’t switch. So that made me feel like I would be in the right place. I switched all my domains (about 12 at the time and all the wordpress websites associated with it). Once I moved over – then soon realized my backup plan of using BackupBuddy was not happy. Saw a few flags/warnings – so I reached out to BackupBuddy support and soon found out that my hosting needed to be changed to accommodate these warnings. I knew that I needed changes when I was with MomWebs but they were not willing to allow the changes for the plugin to work – that was my main reason for moving from MomWebs to HostGator.

I jumped on Live Chat with HostGator and copied what BackupBuddy forum support told me and soon found out that the changes can be easily done. So if you are running BackupBuddy and get a warning under Server Settings or an error – then reach out to BackupBuddy forum support – because they are REALLY helpful.

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If you are getting the Register globals error – then click here for HostGator HelpDesk advice on Register Globals and Other PHP Settings

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