Begin Link Building Today – Review Your Google Analytics …

  1. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYes, begin link building today! 4 Blog Post Ideas Below
  2. Review your Google Analytics to see what’s working, where traffic is coming from or NOT coming from.
  3. Change your plan as needed.

Ideas on how you can start link building today:

You already know quality content is key. You could be a guest blogger on someone’s website or offer to let someone interview you for their blog.

Whether you are going to be the guest blogger or you are seeking guest bloggers, I’d follow the next few steps to make sure you are acquainted with them and as knowledge as possible before your first exchange.

Blog Post : Interview Style

  • Review their website to find out what they are an expert within.
  • Does this match your goal and your website too?
  • Will this guest blog post be a win-win for both parties involved?
  • Get connected with the website owner or potential guest blogger, especially through LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
  • Send them a message to introduce yourself and ask them to send you questions (or vice versa… if you’d like to interview them for your website, send them questions you’d like them to answer). I have a great example of someone doing this with me, you can check out the blog post here: Interview a Virtual Assistant: Staci Jansma
  • Once you receive questions – reply back with answers which will create the blog posts. Include your bio and photo too.
  • Create the JV partnership – if you have an affiliate program, you can offer to let them sign up as an affiliate and then they can earn commissions when possible.

Blog Post : Article Directories & Guest Blogger Opportunity

Write a blog post of quality content (of course!) and after you publish it on your blog, have your virtual assistant post it to article directories. This will help create quality backlinks in addition to click-through traffic from the article readers. You could also write a guest blog post for someone’s blog based upon a topic you are an expert in. And of course – link it to your website for the “back link”!

Blog Post: With Video Marketing

Instead of writing it all out – press record and video tape yourself speaking. You could also do this for a guest blog post too if your guest blogger likes to record and post videos.

Blog Post: With Audio / Podcasting

Vary similar to Video Marketing, except no video, just audio. The main concept you want to reach with any of your blog post choices is – make it quality content, share something that will help others understand or even demonstrate how to do something.

One last tip: Don’t spend time worrying about what, how or when – just get started. Start posting today and over time – you will want to check back on your Google Analytics to see what is helping and what isn’t as to what you should continue to do for going forward. Wish you the best!

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