How To Setup & Use Google Analytics for Your Business

Learning about Google Analytics is very important for every business owner.

Have you looked at your Google Analytics lately?
Have you reviewed and compared prior months or quarters to see what you’ve improved upon, what areas you need to still improve on?

googleanalytics-learningcourseI’ve put together this learning course for any business owner to get a better understanding of how you can get Google Analytics to work for you.

Included in this Google Analytics 101 & 201 training is:

  • How To Setup & Use Google Analytics
  • How To Read Google Analytics
  • How To Setup My Dashboard in Google Analytics
  • Video of My Dashboard in Action

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Force a Download of any file – PDF, mp3, mp4, etc

I’ve been helping clients set up their memberships, telesummits, and other events where there is some type of file that needs to be available for those participating and the request is to make sure they can view it online and download it.

The easiest way I can achieve this is to put a View Online button along with a Download button, or drop it in with some text – either way the call to action needs to be there to help guide them on how they can get it.

Here is the coding on how to make the save as window to pop up every time… add this into your coding:

<a target=”_blank” href=”URL-to-File-Here” download><img alt=”File-Name-Here” src=”Image-URL-Here-this-is-optional” width=”xx” height=”xx” />Text Here: This is Optional</a>

NOTE: Only change the highlighted areas.

Understanding How To Setup, Use & Read Google Analytics


Google Analytics tracks the following kinds of data about how visitors interact with your site content:

  • The pages on which they enter and exit your site.
  • How often and how long they view individual pages.
  • The extent to which they search your site for specific content.
  • The extent to which they interact with things like slide shows or embedded videos.
  • How frequently they click AdSense ads, and the revenue you see from those clicks.

Google Analytics is a free tool that anyone can utilize.

Google Analytics works with a WordPress website and NON-Wordpress, such as HTML.

On our fan page, each month we ask what tutorial would be helpful for you and Kimberley responded with assistance in regards to “reading analytics 101”.

Since everyone is on a different learning curve we started at the beginning and are offering 2 How To reports.

1. Understanding How To Use Google Analytics

2. How To Read Google Analytics

Plus – Google Analytic reporting from with a live analysis. Feel free to take the helpful tips and review your analytics and apply what you can to your website too.

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Up Next: Keirsey Temperament Sorter – personality instrument

Take this quick test to find out your temperament type:

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My results are as follows.

Your Keirsey Temperament Sorter Results indicates that your personality type is that of the


Portrait of the SJ - Keirsey's Guardian

Famous SJ personalities
Guardians® (SJs) are the cornerstone of society, for they are the temperament given to serving and preserving our most important social institutions. Guardians have natural talent in managing goods and services–from supervision to maintenance and supply — and they use all their skills to keep things running smoothly in their families, communities, schools, churches, hospitals, and businesses.

All Guardians share the following core characteristics:

  • Guardians pride themselves on being dependable, helpful, and hard-working.
  • Guardians make loyal mates, responsible parents, and stabilizing leaders.
  • Guardians tend to be dutiful, cautious, humble, and focused on credentials and traditions.
  • Guardians are concerned citizens who trust authority, join groups, seek security, prize gratitude, and dream of meting out justice.

Guardians can have a lot of fun with their friends, but they are quite serious about their duties and responsibilities. Guardians take pride in being dependable and trustworthy; if there’s a job to be done, they can be counted on to put their shoulder to the wheel. Guardians also believe in law and order, and sometimes worry that respect for authority, even a fundamental sense of right and wrong, is being lost. Perhaps this is why Guardians honor customs and traditions so strongly — they are familiar patterns that help bring stability to our modern, fast-paced world.

Practical and down-to-earth, Guardians believe in following the rules and cooperating with others. They are not very comfortable winging it or blazing new trails; working steadily within the system is the Guardian way, for in the long run loyalty, discipline, and teamwork get the job done right. Guardians are meticulous about schedules and have a sharp eye for proper procedures. They are cautious about change, even though they know that change can be healthy for an institution. Better to go slowly, they say, and look before you leap.

Guardians make up as much as 40 to 45 percent of the population, and a good thing, because they usually end up doing all the indispensable but thankless jobs the rest of the population takes for granted.

More About Guardian Personalities:
Famous Guardians
Quotes from Guardians

Guardian Portraits: Mother Teresa, William Howard Taft, Harry S. Truman, George Washington

Have you taken a iPersonic Type test before?

Very interesting to learn more about yourself.


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After I took the quick test, found out my results!

Your iPersonic Type: The Determined Realist

Determined Realists like you want to bear responsibility and welcome challenges. You are a stable and reliable person. External contacts are very important to you; you mix well and you are very active. You are an excellent organizer and you are very happy when things are done correctly and punctually; you can quickly react impatiently if others are not as conscientious, orderly and dutiful as you are. You prefer structured work which produces visible results quickly to abstract, long-drawn-out processes. Determined Realists have no problem with routine as long as it serves efficiency. However, you very much dislike unexpected and unpredictable occurrences which mess up your careful plans. Once you have committed yourself to a cause you do this with dedication and you are willing to make considerable sacrifices for it.

Determined Realists do not avoid conflicts and criticism but face up to them and look for solutions. As you have a keen eye for the errors and shortcomings of others and you are often quick at expressing criticism, you sometimes rub people up the wrong way – especially when you lose your temper and jump to conclusions. Due to your marked sense of justice you are quickly willing to correct yourself and never take offense if someone speaks to you frankly. Determined Realists like you are often found in executive positions as you combine commitment, competence and the ability to assert yourself. In your spare time, you also accept responsibility in clubs and other institutions.

As a Determined Realist, you are one of the extroverted personality types. You enjoy working in a team as a colleague or a team leader. Because you have an outgoing nature, you approach others easily and openly; working in solitude by yourself would be punishment for you. You know how to appreciate a harmonic working climate, but the relationship to your colleagues is not as important to you as to some of the other personality types. For you, the task always comes first and your colleagues and/or superiors are second. As long as everybody is working as disciplined and determined as you are, everything is just fine.

However, if you sense that the work is suffering from irrelevant disputes or private matters that have nothing to do with the job, you have no problem expressing your criticism, and making your team toe the line. It would never occur to you to sacrifice a good result in your work on the altar of personal moods, or in favor of a conflict free environment. On the other hand, you are one of the personality types who is best at handling criticism, and swallow negative feedback without brooding or sink into depression. Consequently, you also can hold your ground in professions where the climate is a little rougher and more competition oriented.

You are an excellent organizer, and a genius at planning and maintaining a workflow that is precise and on time. You enjoy dealing with details and facts, developing rules and guidelines, and establishing standards. Here, your natural sense for systematic and love of order prove to be advantageous; as well as your acute aptitude to see the most efficient of all possible approaches. Where your work is concerned, “reliability” is your second name. You have a real problem leaving things to chance, and you hate nothing more than when something unexpected happens, thus throwing your carefully laid plans into chaos without warning. When a project you conceived is implemented without any hiccups and is brought to a good end, this is your greatest joy.

Must Do: Take a Typology Test

If you want to try your hand at self-analysis, there are lots of online tests listed on
Google, including:

 Be sure to report back with your findings about yourself!

After I took this – found out I’m a ENTJ Profile

Rational Portrait of the Fieldmarshal (ENTJ) – Keirsey’s Fieldmarshal

Of the four aspects of strategic analysis and definition it is the marshaling or situational organizing role that reaches the highest development in the Fieldmarshal. As this kind of role is practiced some contingency organizing is necessary, so that the second suit of the Fieldmarshal’s intellect is devising contingency plans. Structural and functional engineering, though practiced in some degree in the course of organizational operations, tend to be not nearly as well developed and are soon outstripped by the rapidly growing skills in organizing. But it must be said that any kind of strategic exercise tends to bring added strength to engineering as well as organizing skills.

Hardly more than two percent of the total population, Fieldmarshals are bound to lead others, and from an early age they can be observed taking command of groups. In some cases, they simply find themselves in charge of groups, and are mystified as to how this happened. But the reason is that they have a strong natural urge to give structure and direction wherever they are – to harness people in the field and to direct them to achieve distant goals. They resemble Supervisors in their tendency to establish plans for a task, enterprise, or organization, but Fieldmarshals search more for policy and goals than for regulations and procedures.

  They cannot not build organizations, and cannot not push to implement their goals. When in charge of an organization, whether in the military, business, education, or government, Fieldmarshals more than any other type desire (and generally have the ability) to visualize where the organization is going, and they seem able to communicate that vision to others. Their organizational and coordinating skills tends to be highly developed, which means that they are likely to be good at systematizing, ordering priorities, generalizing, summarizing, marshaling evidence, and at demonstrating their ideas. Their ability to organize, however, may be more highly developed than their ability to analyze, and the Fieldmarshal leader may need to turn to an Inventor or Architect to provide this kind of input.

Fieldmarshals will usually rise to positions of responsibility and enjoy being executives. They are tireless in their devotion to their jobs and can easily block out other areas of life for the sake of their work. Superb administrators in any field – medicine, law, business, education, government, the military – Fieldmarshals organize their units into smooth-functioning systems, planning in advance, keeping both short-term and long-range objectives well in mind. For the Fieldmarshal, there must always be a goal-directed reason for doing anything, and people’s feelings usually are not sufficient reason. They prefer decisions to be based on impersonal data, want to work from well thought-out plans, like to use engineered operations – and they expect others to follow suit. They are ever intent on reducing bureaucratic red tape, task redundancy, and aimless confusion in the workplace, and they are willing to dismiss employees who cannot get with the program and increase their efficiency. Although Fieldmarshals are tolerant of established procedures, they can and will abandon any procedure when it can be shown to be ineffective in accomplishing its goal. Fieldmarshals root out and reject ineffectiveness and inefficiency, and are impatient with repetition of error.

Extraverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging
by Joe Butt

Profile: ENTJ
Revision: 3.0
Date of Revision: 27 Feb 2005

“I don’t care to sit by the window on an airplane. If I can’t control it, why look?”

ENTJs have a natural tendency to marshall and direct. This may be expressed with the charm and finesse of a world leader or with the insensitivity of a cult leader. The ENTJ requires little encouragement to make a plan. One ENTJ put it this way… “I make these little plans that really don’t have any importance to anyone else, and then feel compelled to carry them out.” While “compelled” may not describe ENTJs as a group, nevertheless the bent to plan creatively and to make those plans reality is a common theme for NJ types.

ENTJs are often “larger than life” in describing their projects or proposals. This ability may be expressed as salesmanship, story-telling facility or stand-up comedy. In combination with the natural propensity for filibuster, our hero can make it very difficult for the customer to decline.

TRADEMARK: — “I’m really sorry you have to die.” (I realize this is an overstatement. However, most Fs and other gentle souls usually chuckle knowingly at this description.)

ENTJs are decisive. They see what needs to be done, and frequently assign roles to their fellows. Few other types can equal their ability to remain resolute in conflict, sending the valiant (and often leading the charge) into the mouth of hell. When challenged, the ENTJ may by reflex become argumentative. Alternatively (s)he may unleash an icy gaze that serves notice: the ENTJ is not one to be trifled with.

Functional Analysis: Extraverted Thinking

“Unequivocating” expresses the resoluteness of the ENTJ’s dominant function. Clarity of convictions endows these Thinkers with a knack for debate, or wanting knack, a penchant for argument. The light and heat generated by Thinking at the helm can be impressive; perhaps even overwhelming. Experience teaches many ENTJs that restraint may often be the better part of valor, lest one find oneself victorious but alone.

Famous ENTJs:

U.S. Presidents:
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Richard M. Nixon

Lamar Alexander (US Senator)
Les Aspen, former U.S. Secretary of Defense
Candace Bergen (Murphy Brown)
Jim Carrey (Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, The Mask)
Rahm Emanuel, White House Chief of Staff
Harrison Ford
Newt Gingrich
Whoopi Goldberg
Benny Goodman, “Big Band” leader
Al Gore (U.S Vice President, 1993-2001)
Penn Jillette
Steve Jobs
Dave Letterman
Steve Martin
General Norman Schwarzkopf
Patrick Stewart (STNG: Jean Luc Picard)
Margaret Thatcher
Robert James Waller (author: The Bridges of Madison County)
Sigourney Weaver

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Pay Per View – The New Big Traffic Source

Marketers all over the world are making thousands of dollars a day using this new traffic source: Pay per view. What is pay per view, how does it work and can you use it to promote your product? Read on to find out.

What is Pay Per View?

Pay Per View allows you to target users and popup advertisements based on the websites they’re visiting. Unlike the annoying popups you see on most websites, PPV allows you to target only potential customers who would be interested in what you’re offering.

If you’re offering dating tips for example, your PPV ad will only pop up when they go to a website like, for example.

You’re able to popup PPV ads because the user agreed to view two ads per day in exchange for downloading an otherwise paid software for free.

For example, instead of paying for a well designed game, they agree to see two ads a day. It’s completely consensual and legal. The software can be easily removed by uninstalling at any time.

How Much Traffic Can You Get With PPV?

Surprisingly – A Lot.

Five to six figure a month businesses have been built with this traffic source alone. Many of the “free game” downloads online are for PPV software.

There are millions of users in the United States and all over the world who you can offer your services to. This is not a traffic source to be overlooked.

What really makes PPV great is how cheap the traffic is. You’re generally paying two pennies or less per view.

Who Should Use PPV?

PPV is great for targeting medium to large sized markets. It’s great for rolling out an already successful campaign.

It’s not so great for super-specific niches or testing out new markets.

For example, if you have an offer that appeals to single men in general, then you may be able to make a killing with PPV. If you have an offer that appeals to single moms who want to learn basket weaving, then you probably won’t get much traffic with PPV at all.

How to Get Started

There are three primary networks that offer PPV traffic: TrafficVance, Zango and Media Traffic.

TrafficVance offers the highest converting traffic. The network is harder to get into and requires a significant deposit and a recommendation by someone already in that network. That said, most marketers find that getting into TV is worth the effort.

Generally most marketers test campaigns on TrafficVance first, then export them to MediaTraffic or Zango.

MediaTraffic is the second highest converting. Test MediaTraffic next, the Zango. Zango actually offers the highest volume of traffic, but the traffic generally doesn’t convert as well as the other two networks.

How to Target Your Ads

You target your ads by URL or keywords. Generally, URLs will get a lot more traffic than keywords.

Pick out URLs that you think will get a lot of traffic from your target demographic. If you’re selling books online, you might pick out, and so on.

Then every time someone on your PPV network goes to, your ad will pop up offering your service.

Can you think of creative ways you might use this to market your product?

PPV is a killer way to get a ton of traffic for not a lot of money. If you have a broad demographic and you get PPV to convert profitably, it can easily add thousands to your bottom line.

Little-Known AdWords Tactics: How to Pay $0.10 When Others are Paying $1.00

Imagine paying $0.10 cents per click, while others are paying $1.00. How easy would it be to dominate your market when you’re playing with those kinds of numbers? In this article you’ll learn a bunch of little-known tactics that will help you increase your ROI and reduce your CPC.

What Nobody Told You About Quality Score

AdWords has changed and Quality Score is the name of the game. If you have a QS below 8, forget making the big bucks in AdWords.

Instead of optimizing for conversion, optimize for Quality Score. Am I saying you should blow your sales page for the sake of Quality Score? In a way, yes, I am. You should absolutely still pay attention to your conversion rate – But that comes second to your quality score.

The difference between a “good” quality score and a “great” quality score is phenomenal. You could be paying $1 per click for 5th place with a “good” quality score – And just $0.10 cents per click with #2 position with a great quality score. QS affects both your ad placement and your CPC. The difference is huge.

Most single-page salesletters and squeeze pages just do not get high QSes. They’re allowed by Google, but they’re not appreciated by Google.

Let’s take the example of a website with an info product on how to buy a car cheaply.

Example 1: You have a one-page salesletter. You’re paying $0.50 cents per click, getting 100 clicks a day. You make one sale per day. You’re selling the eBook for $40. You’re losing money.

Example 2: You have an informational website tailor-fitted to the keyword. When they click on your ad, they come to a 2,000 word article answering all their questions. You’re paying $0.05 per click, getting 500 clicks a day because of your higher QS and placement. Your conversion rate is half of the one page salesletter’s. You’re making 2.5 sales a day for a $100 profit, while only spending $25 a day on ad cost.

I’m not overstating how big of a deal Quality Score is. This is literally how big of a difference it can make. Pay attention to your quality score, even if it’s at the cost of your conversion rate.

Stealing Keywords from Competitors

Most people do their keyword research all wrong. In fact, most people are bidding on the same keywords that everyone else is.

What if I told you that you could easily steal just the time 1-3 keywords from each of your competitors?

Instead of building your keyword list from scratch, where you’ll have to spend thousands figuring out what works and what doesn’t, you can take your top 10 competitors and just steal their top keywords.

You can do this by using a variety of keyword spying tools online, including KeywordSpy and

Add your competitors’ top keywords to your keyword list and you’ll cut your keyword research time and costs dramatically.

Move Your Product to Other Countries

Most people under look the money making potential in doing business in other countries. Even other English speaking countries like the United Kingdom or Australia have far less competition than the United States.

You could make even more money by converting your products into other languages. Why? Because very few people are willing to go through the effort to do it. It’ll cost you a few hundred dollars to hire a contractor, but the payoff will be well worth it.

These are just a few AdWords tips that could make you a lot of money. Almost everyone knows AdWords basics these days. These “beyond the basics” tips are where the money is made. Apply even just one properly and watch your profits soar.

How to Get Your Videos Watched by Hundreds of Web Visitors

What if I told you that you could create a 5 minute video in less than an hour of work with no video editing skills and have it seen by hundreds or thousands of visitors who’re interested in learning more about your product? It’s not only possible – It’s easy. Here’s how.

Creating a Video is Easier Than You Think

When most people think of creating a video, they usually think of complex camera equipment and an editing process that takes years of study to understand.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Hiring a student videographer to both film and edit should cost you no more than $400. The quality will be great.

Don’t want to pay for your video at all? There are plenty of services that you could use to create your video for little to no cost. Most of these are text or image slideshows that you can record and just add your voice on top.

Instead of going through a costly recording process, you can deliver the content through image, text and your voice. The content, not the delivery, is what your visitors really actually care about.

Creating your entire video could take less than a week if you’re shooting a short informational video, or as little as an hour if you’re doing voice over a slideshow.

Distributing Your Video to Hundreds of Visitors

Imagine now taking your video and having that distributed to hundreds of visitors – With just one click of the mouse. It is as easy as it sounds.

There are two ways to do this. You could do it automatically for free, or you could have people do it for you for a fee.

To do it for free, use TubeMogul to distribute the videos. You need to create an account on each of the services you want to upload your video to. The software will then automatically upload your video to each of the sites at a click of a button.

Alternatively, you could pay a monthly rate of about $70 to have people distribute the videos for you. The service is called TrafficGeyser. They’ll automatically submit to over 40 sites for you.

Why Distribute Your Videos?

There are two reasons to distribute your videos to a multitude of websites.

The first is raw traffic. Sure, big sites like YouTube do get the most traffic. That said, other smaller video sites have a loyal following as well.

The second reason is backlinks. If you want to rank well in search engines, backlinks are crucial. For every video you release, you could easily get 30 to 100 backlinks by submitting to a multitude of video websites.

The setup takes a bit of time, but once you’re setup the distribution process will literally take less than 15 minutes. You could very realistically do one video a day, getting 50 links a day pointed back to your website – That’s 1,500 backlinks to your website every month!

The Process

Just to reiterate how simple and powerful this process is: Creating a video for online distribution can take as little as an hour. Setting up distribution could take a couple hours, but once you’re setup it should take you less than 15 minutes per video to distribute it.

Your video will be seen by hundreds if not thousands of visitors. You’ll get a ton of backlinks. In short, you’ll skyrocket both your traffic and your search engine rankings!