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Contact: John Beltramea
Address 385 Collins Rd NE Cedar Rapids IA 52402 USA Phone: 319-378-6623 Fax: 319-378-6680 Cell Phone: 319-329-JOHN (5646) Website: Eastern Iowa Realty

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Staci Jansma Client, Buyer
Mon, Jun 4, 2012

We highly recommend John as your realtor for buying or selling your home. John walked us through about 5 houses and we knew John already had our best interest at heart because he was walking through the houses with us and had a good idea of what (if any) concerns each of the houses had. I really liked that he was so knowledgeable… but of course a “great” realtor is knowledge and would be completely honest with you – so you are happy. John has been available to help us with any issues or concerns since we first reached out to him through his website. We will be moving in within about 2 weeks to the perfect house for our family – we can’t thank John enough!

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385 Collins Rd NE Cedar Rapids IA 52402 USA