Calling All Coaches! Check out Lovable Labels NEW Sports Team Packs!

Description: Frustrated with all of the pieces of equipment and clothing that kids leave behind in the locker and change rooms or that end up in someone else’s bag? Lovable Labels has the answer with personalized, durable labels! Packaged to impress with 6 Multi-purpose Sticker Labels,8 Press N’ Stick Clothing DOTS, 1 set of Shoe Labels and 1 Mini Metal Tag!

* Minimum purchase of 6 packages required. All 6 packages must have the same design and icon. That’s only $5 per child!

Price: $30.00

Color: Available in 4 colors

Features: Dishwasher and Microwave Safe, Waterproof, UV Resistant

Quantity Per Name (Hover Over for Description)
6 Sticker Labels
2 Shoe Labels
8 Press n’ Stick Clothing DOTS™
1 Mini-Metal Tag (one 4” silver ball chain included)

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Labels that stick with your kids and their stuff. Check out Lovable Labels NEW Sports Packs!