Make PowerPay, your Merchant Services Provider

Need a merchant account to collect credit cards over the phone, offline transactions? PowerPay is an authorized reseller of and they can help you save on the start-up fees. If you’d like assistance with this process, please let me know.

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  • As low as 2.39% (includes AVS)
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  • NO Setup Fees for merchant account or gateway
  • NO Early Termination Fees or long-term contracts
  • FREE Merchant Account Consultation with one of our dedicated relationship experts

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Are you experiencing issues with your Wishlist Membership?

Having customers send in more support tickets then you’d like to see? Can’t see this? Can’t access this?

First check this…
put your domain along with this: wp-content/plugins/wishlist-member/selfcheck/

so let’s say: is your domain

Then you’d have:

Use this to see if your install is “bad” for wishlist member. I have found this out with client’s websites as well as one of mine. Not 100% sure why the install goes bad, but according to an support ticket answer that is all they have to say.

And it’s really simple to FIX! You just delete the WL Member from your WordPress website, and re-install it by adding the newest version back in.

Issue Resolved: How To Change Hyperlinks or Allow Hyperlinks to be Active with Underline using OptimizePress

I have noticed that within the OptimizePress theme that the hyperlinks are non-active, in my opinion. What that means to me is that when you hover over when a hyperlink is supposed to be – nothing happens. No underline is displayed – no changing color – nada.

So I reached out to OptimizePress support and just asked them – figured it’s their theme they will probably know the direct answer and then I can help spread the news from there to others – so we all know the easiest way to get what we want – active hyperlinks.

And I have to say – AMAZING!!!

Here is what you do – login to the WP-admin of the OptimizePress site. Then under OptimizePress > General Settings – scroll all the way down to Custom CSS and enter this code:

a:link {color:#FF0000 !important;} /* unvisited link */
a:visited {color:#00FF00 !important;} /* visited link */
a:hover {color:#FF00FF !important;} /* mouse over link */
a:active {color:#0000FF !important;} /* selected link */

Then press Save changes.

And ta-da! It works. Only concern you may have it the bright pink and bright green – so please change the color codes to align with your website branding.

Have a rockin’ day!

Future of T-commerce with PayPal

Reading through an interesting article called “Why The Smart Money Is On PayPal”,, February 2011 (page 9).


The article continues to say that T-commerce stands for Television commerce. And that the future of this concept will have a BUY button on a TV remote so that consumers can buy products that they see on Internet-connected television.

Now that is the way of the future – this can help tie everything together – so whether you are watching TV from the tube, your computer or your phone – you can click and purchase as you need to.

Renewal GoDaddy Coupon Code

Just used the first coupon code and it worked great — both of these work — I saved $20 bucks of 5-years on one domain.

1. Click here to go to GoDaddy and Sign In: (my affiliate link!)

2. GDBBREN8 or gd50bbpd5 -.COM & .NET Renewals $7.99, Private Registration $3.99


Happy Renewing!
– Staci

Staci Jansma, Speaker at The Virtual Assistant Factor sponsored by Small Business Study

The Virtual Assistant Factor

February 3: Staci Jansma is an up and coming Virtual Assistant who is fast establishing herself as the “E-Commerce” queen. Do you need to get a shopping cart set-up or make your website more “purchaser friendly”? Staci will explain how a VA can make your online ecommerce dreams come true.

I invite you to join me on the webinar by purchasing your ticket for The Virtual Assistant Factor. There is a speaker scheduled for this Thursday, January 27th and then next Thursday, February 3rd — See you on the webinar!

Need a Favicon created?

Are you unsure what a Favicon is?

Look at the top of your browser – you will see the favicon next to the web address that you are currently viewing. That is a favicon. You can have some really neat ones created and with a simple FREE tool like: you will have one ready to upload via FTP in no time at all.

PayPal Subscription Tool Creator

Access to the tool directly:

Resource of how I stumbled upon this:

Want to learn how to USE WAHMCart Shopping Cart?

Regina, the Co-founder of reached out to me to let me know that she is hosting a training class at the end of November. It will be the Monday after Thanksgiving for the first class.

If you have any desire or NEED to know – I highly recommend this class. If I have helped you answer a question or worked on your shopping cart for you – this is the class that I went through in June/July 2009 and experienced WAHMCart for the first time.

Regina walked me through each step – how to add my products, the download page and she even told me how to add my autoresponders into the system.

I must say – Regina is still keeping the class at a VERY, very low cost ONLY $47 for the whole session. Everything is taught LIVE right through your computer and I must say – TAKE NOTES!!! When I got down with the class – I had a single notebook full of notes and I still refer to it – if it is something that I haven’t used in a long time.

$47 for 3 sessions – first one on Monday, Nov 29th go to to Register. This class is open to the first 10 only. So sign up today before the class fills up.

If you have any questions – please email Regina or myself – we would be happy to help you. The most important thing you should ask yourself – DO I want to KNOW how to use my shopping cart? Or are you still debating between using a shopping cart or not?

Either way $47 to get the virtual training is well WORTH the money. I am so glad I decided this path over a year ago – and am positive that once you get done with the class – that you will be glad you did. Regina will answer all questions for you during the training and make sure you do the exercises that she gives you – it will only help you understand WAHMCart from A to Z.

Wish you the best during your training and let Regina know – Staci sent you over!

– Staci

P.S. In case you missed it: $47 for 3 sessions – first one on Monday, Nov 29th go to to Register. This class is open to the first 10 only. So sign up today before the class fills up.

FAQ: Payment Gateway and – How does this work?

Will my customer be able to check out with a credit card?
What if they want the payment to come out of their bank account?
I only see PayPal on the checkout page and the customer is telling me they can only pay through their credit card and not through PayPal.

Example demonstrates:

  • Payment Gateway:
  • Ecommerce Solution (Shopping Cart, Autoresponder, Affiliate Program):

Let me guide you through a checkout process to help answer your questions. After watching this video, if your question remains unanswered please leave your comments/questions below.