YOUR GUIDE TO INTERNET FREEBIES – Lesson 8: Finding Internet Freebies

nextlesson-internetfreebiesLet’s face it; Internet service on its own isn’t cheap. It is however the perfect tool to use for being cheap and getting good deals. When used properly, the Internet can give you access to countless freebies. Here’s what you need to know to get started with finding them:

There are basically three approaches to finding free samples on the Internet: checking free sample sites, doing web searches and taking part in discussion boards. We will look at all of these methods.

Free Sample Sites

Free sample sites are a great place to start. These sites list lots of free samples that are available all over the web, and provide links to the freebie sites.

The benefit of using these sites is that someone else is doing a lot of the work for you. This means that you won’t have to spend a ton of research time to find the samples you are hoping to find.

Basically, one of the best free sample sites on the web is called Start  This website actually requires a membership, but it is so worth it. Once you subscribe to it, you have access to tons of high quality samples that you are looking for.

In the most recent months some of their sample offers have included a free full-sized sample of name brand toothpaste, not to mention a variety of free year-long magazine subscriptions. That may sound too good to be true but it isn’t.

Some more good sample sites include: and Both of these sites feature daily updates, and are among the first to list new offers. Linking to them will keep you ahead of others and making sure that you find the best samples.

Walmart also offers a lot of freebie offers. Just go to and click on the “In Stores Now” tab to see what is going up for free next. When you go here you can find deals on samples from such companies as John Frieda, Neutrogena, Hallmark, Garnier and Poise.

Web Searches

Web searches can lead to even more free samples that you might not be able to find on free sample websites. If you wasn’t to locate these, there are several basic key words to search under. Yes, keywords are the trick to finding the right stuff.

These keywords include free sample, free samples, free trial, trial offer, free product and free product offer are all excellent search words. If you really want to get the very best search results, be sure to try all of the above-mentioned key words. That will certainly produce all of the right sites. A sample that might come up under “free sample,” may not come up under “free samples”, which is why you have to switch keywords to get to them all. As you gain more search experience, you may find that there are many other key words that work for the particular product samples you are looking for.

Word of Mouth

You should never underestimate the power of this method. This is how most businesses manage to get most of their clientele. You can also search online for word of mouth by checking discussion boards. If you are willing to spend just a little time exploring the web, and you’re sure to turn up some great freebies.

These methods having come up, let me just tell you that you can also check out Ask Jeeves and find some great reviews on freebie websites. All you have to do is type in “reviews for free stuff online” and a host of forums will come up that will give you advice and warnings about web sites that offer free stuff.

YOUR GUIDE TO INTERNET FREEBIES – Lesson 7: See Freebies from the Marketers Point-of-View

nextlesson-internetfreebiesIt doesn’t really take a whole lot of knowledge to realize that the internet is the new wave in marketing right now. It is even better than the old  methods for marketing because this method can gives the marketer returns almost immediately upon their investment if they know what they are doing and how to best capitalize off of it.

As you can probably imagine, the entire purpose of using affiliation as a part of a marketing technique is so that they can make some money. Freebies for clients are just a part of it. Below I have decided to explain internet pay per click advertising that marketers use so that you can understand more about why these freebies can be dangerous to you as a consumer. I Thought that it deserved more attention on its own as its popularity gets higher because this is the method that most of your freebies will come from.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click advertising is a bonus for affiliate marketers because it basically does exactly what it says. When visitors click onto web pages it is the web host that will get paid just for the visit. It doesn’t apply to how much stuff the visitors purchase. So when they offer you freebies, they are still making money which also means you will likely get your freebies. Let’s take a look at some of the most common questions about it to help you get an exact idea of what this really is.

What Is Pay Per Click really?

Pay per click advertising on search engines allows hosts to choose keywords that they would like their site to appear for when a search query is performed. They get to decide how much they are willing to pay each time a person clicks on the search results. The more the hosts are willing to pay per click, the higher their site will appear in the results for the keywords they choose. When it comes to freebies…you can bet that hat and like words will be the keywords.

Which Search Engines Offer Pay Per Click Advertising?

There is literally hundreds of pay per click search engines on the market today such as MSN, Yahoo, Google and Overture. Generally, the larger the pay per click search engine is, the more the host will have to bid to get to the top for their keywords. This is why it is worth it to them investigating different search engines to find what it would cost to bid on their keywords and how much traffic they draw in.

The largest companies in the pay per click industry are Overture and Google. Google is not a pay per click search engine, but it does provide pay per click advertising in text ad boxes to the right of search results it delivers. It also delivers pay per click ads to other content sites as well.

One of the major advantages that the lesser known search engines have is that these search engines can provide lower costs per click to rank for a keyword than the larger search engines. In addition to the general pay per click search engines, you may also be able to find thematic search engines that serve the freebie industry or specifically cater to their target audience.

This is the basics of pay per click advertising that is generally left for the freebie zone. Most of the freebie websites subscribe to this advertising method. This is how they can afford the freebies that you find. Why else would they offer so much free stuff? You have to ask yourself what would be in it for them. Well now you know. They are getting paid for it.

YOUR GUIDE TO INTERNET FREEBIES – Lesson 6: Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet Freebies

nextlesson-internetfreebiesWhen it comes to getting internet freebies it is relatively obvious that you are hoping to get something for nothing. Sometimes that can be a great thing and others it can be a disaster. I like to get my internet freebies as much as the next person, but I know that there disadvantages to doing this as well as there are positives to it too. Here is the section where we will discuss them.


  • You can increase your work productivity with free software downloads
  • You can communicate in a more efficient way with email, chat and internet phone downloads
  • You can use free samples as a method of learning about new products that may turn into your favorites
  • Sometimes you can get extremely good deals with the freebies you find
  • You can save a lot of time and money
  • Of course, the given…you really lose nothing insofar as money is concerned.


  • You may not always get what you wanted
  • Freebies may contain viruses, spyware and adware
  • You have to jump through too many hoops to get it
  • Your freebie may actually wind up costing you money in shipping costs and other fees
  • You may never actually receive a freebie at all
  • You may be exposing yourself to identity fraud or spam

As you can see, getting your internet freebies may wind up completely being harmful to you rather than helpful. These great deals can sometimes have dyer consequences, so you really need to check to be sure that you are truly getting what you asked for.

YOUR GUIDE TO INTERNET FREEBIES – Lesson 5: Awesome Internet Freebies

nextlesson-internetfreebiesFor all of the terrible freebie choices that you can find, there are many that are very much worth the effort. I could not in good conscious write this kind of guide without including some of the best freebies list I could find. Here they are listed for you. Let’s look at those now.

Abilon – This is a very powerful, speedy RSS reader that actually offers you a choice of different views, and features a built-in tabbed browser of its own.

AbiWord- This is a light however fully featured word processor that is very compatible with Microsoft Word documents, however what makes it truly stand out is that it also runs on Linux and Macs systems.

AIM Mail-  AIM mail basically gives you 2GB of storage as well as integration with AOL Instant Messenger.

AirDefense Personal Lite-  This is a very easy program that alerts you whenever you connect to an insecure network or anyplace else that you have decided isn’t safe, and you are in control of it.

Alleycode-  This is an easy to use HTML editor for any of the people who are comfortable with basic HTML code and need to do some quick editing.

All-in-One Secretmaker- this awesome tool blocks banner ads and pop-ups, filters spam, and offers you many more utilities for cleaning up and securing your system.

Anonymizer-  This is basically an anonymous browsing service that will display all of your Web pages without giving away any of your personal information to the sites you visit.

Audacity- this is an  All-purpose audio editor that lets you record, play, and edit digital files.

Avast Home Edition-  This is an antivirus scanner that can do a boot-time virus scan for you.

Avvenu-  This is a free remote-access and file-sharing service that allows you and your work colleagues get to files on an Avvenu-enabled computer from another computer, Web-enabled phone, or PDA.

Backpack- this helps you to create web pages with things like to-do lists, notes, pictures, etc. and let’s you share them with others

Bartleby-  This is a great online reference library that offers many features, including a dictionary, thesaurus, and various books of quotations.

BeInSync-  this program lets you ensure you have access to your critical files and folders.

BitTorrent- is extremely useful for downloading legitimate web content quickly or for sharing your own files.

Blogger- this is a blogging service that stays simple to use, but offers a rich complement of features.

Bloglines-  This is a Web-based RSS reader lets you access your news from multiple PCs.

CCleaner-  with this tool you can find and zaps useless files such as cache files and old Registry entries.

Celestia-  here is a great tool for students that lets you Zoom through the solar system, and this gives you real-time views of planets, moons, comets, stars, and more.

Copernic Desktop Search- this program is great for letting you search local files as well as Outlook and Outlook Express e-mail.  this is great to use rather than bookmarks because this service keeps track of your favorite sites for you.

eFax Messenger-  You can receive faxes on your PC with eFax, viewing or printing them via the eFax Messenger software.

EssentialPIM- basically just combines a calendar, contact manager, to-do list, and notes manager in a single program.

Feedreader-  This is a free Windows utility that displays your news feeds, and includes flexible keyboard shortcuts for easy access.

Festoon Beta-  This is an add-on for Skype and Google Talk that lets users of  make calls to each other, and brings video chat capabilities to Google Talk.

Firefox- This is for those who prefer not to stick solely to bug ridden IE because it a more secure, faster, and more flexible Web browser.

FlashGot- this is basically a Firefox plug-in that makes Firefox easier to use, allowing you to grab every page from a Web site or download multiple files efficiently.

Flickr-  this program lets you Easily upload, share, and post pictures.

FolderShare (Windows)- lets you Automatically sync files and folders between multiple computers and share data with colleagues and friends.

FolderSync- helps to keep your USB drive and your hard drive on the same page

FoxIt Reader- is a smaller tool for viewing PDF files, its way better than adobe.

Free Download Manager-  This is an IE companion that can speed up single-file downloads, resume interrupted downloads, manage bandwidth usage, or schedule multiple file downloads for specific times.  with this you can set up and host conference calls for free.

FreeMind- this program allows you to write your notes in a mind map.

Furl-  this program lets you save your favorite Web pages in an online account that you can access from any computer.

GetByMail-  this program offers access to your office computer through your e-mail account.

Gmail  Google’s-  this amazing e-mail service feels more like a Windows application than a Web mail service because it is so easily integrated into the programs.

Google Desktop-  this is a great program that extends the power of the Web’s most popular search engine to your desktop by indexing nearly every document on your hard drive so that you don’t have to.

Google Earth-  with this program you can spin the earth around, tilt it, and zoom in to objects as tiny as one building. Great for students

Google Picasa-  this is a great way to organize, touch up, and share your pictures with others.

Google Video- this service is perfect those of you who want to be commercially oriented video producers who are looking for a large audience for their work.

GRC Shields Up-  This is a browser-based tool that checks your PC for common vulnerabilities, like open ports.

Groove Virtual Office- this programs lets you bring your coworkers together because it is a file-sharing and collaboration tool.

Hyperwords-  This is another Firefox browser plug-in that makes any text on any Web page easy to click.

Irfanview-  This is a neat graphics utility offers basic image editing and file format conversions.

iTeamwork-  This is a Web-based project management service that helps groups keep track of complicated projects.

iTunes- This you have likely heard of but it is Apple’s media player and is a joy to use even if you never buy a 99-cent song. Plus it is legal!

Kodak EasyShare Gallery- this program mobile-phone access options, and has no upload restrictions.

Kristal Audio Engine-  This is a very sophisticated audio mixing program that also offers many other features that you can find in paid programs.

Lavasoft Ad-Aware- this program scans your PC for spyware etc. and gets rid of them.

LiveJournal- is a great tool to use for your blog, and carries no advertising.

LogMeIn-  This is a program that gives you remote access service so that youy can control your PC from anywhere, via a Web browser.

Microsoft Tweak UI-  this program lets you take control of hidden Windows XP settings.

Microsoft Windows Defender-  this is  Microsoft’s antispyware application that  catches spyware that other programs ignore.

MSN Hotmail-  cool email service with many features.

MSN Search Toolbar-  This handy search tool indexes your hard drive and provides search results through a Windows application, rather than a browser.

Netomat-  This is a networking service that allows you to create, access, and share content on the Web or a phone.

Netscape Webmail- gives you 250MB of storage and features large, easy-to-click buttons.

NewsGator- this program displays your RSS feeds in a clean, readable display.

Nvu – this is a great web page editor that doesn’t require any understanding of the underlying tags.

OmniFormat- with this program you can convert BMPs to JPEGs, GIFs to PDFs, Word documents to TIF image files.  This is a fully featured Microsoft Office-compatible office suite offers a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation package, and database for free.

Palm Desktop-  this a very good calendar and address book application will appeal to users who don’t even have a PDA.

Pandora-  this great when all you have to do is enter the name of an artist or song that you like and Pandora creates a custom radio station that plays your music.

PBwiki-  this program lets you create a free, password-protected collaborative Web site.

PDF Creator-  this is a printer driver that lets you create Adobe Acrobat files from within almost any application.

Pegasus Mail-  this has always been a favorite of power users, because this e-mail client gives you a huge amount of control over your mail, with support for mail merges and flexible filtering options.

podAmigo-  this program works with the Podomatic Web service and helps you to organize and download your podcasts.

Project Gutenberg- this program lets you browse electronic versions of more than 17,000 books in a virtual library.

Putfile-  This is a basic video sharing service works reliably and well.

PuTTY-  This is a free utility that allows you to create an SSH, Telnet, or Rlogin connection.

QNext-  This is a universal instant messenger service that also lets you share music.

Revver-  This is a video sharing site from which you can actually make money.

RssReader-  This program displays your news feeds for you. This is great for website optimization.

SeaMonkey-  This suite of Internet tools includes the Mozilla browser and more like a chat program and HTML editor.

SightSpeed-  This is a video calling service that synchronizes lip movements and audio neatly, and offers easy in-call controls.

Skype- This one lets you get free PC-to-PC voice calls with text chat and file transfers.

Spybot Search & Destroy- This is a powerful spyware tool.

Steganos LockNote-  Password-protect text files with this cool tool.

Streamload Mediamax- this is great for users who want to share lots of big files and videos.

SyncNotes-  This program runs on your computer, but allows you to view and edit your notes from any Web or WAP browser.

Ta-Da List-  this program lets you stay organized.

The GIMP- this is an app that includes tools for photo retouching, image composition, and image authoring.

ThinkFree- This software runs in your browser and lets you edit Microsoft Office-compatible documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Thunderbird- this is a very secure e-mail client.

Trend Micro HouseCall is a web site that runs software in your browser to scan for and eliminate malware on your PC.

Trillian Basic- this is a universal IM client that lets you keep in contact with your friends no matter what chat program they use.

Vimeo-  video lovers will love this video sharing service.

Wapedia- this program is for accessing Wikipedia from a PDA or smart phone.

Wikipedia  this is an online encyclopedia.

Windows Live Mail-  This is an Ajax-based service  This hosted blogging service.

WordWeb-  A handy online dictionary and thesaurus that work in any application on your computer.

WriteBoard-  This service lets you create, edit, and share documents with others right in your browser.

Yahoo Briefcase-  this is one of the easiest ways we know of to store and share files online.

Yahoo Widgets- this is an application that puts widgets on your desktop that provide useful information, such as news updates, weather reports, stock tickers, or photos, and they can even search for you, storing your notes, and more. Think bonzi buddy without the spyware.

Zip-  you can create ZIP compressed archives for free with this wonderful program.

ZoneAlarm-  this is a free firewall.

YOUR GUIDE TO INTERNET FREEBIES – Lesson 4: Internet Freebie Bewares & How To Deal With Them

nextlesson-internetfreebiesAs you can imagine, there are many different things to beware of when it comes to internet freebies. There are also various ways that you can avoid falling into the many pitfalls that come along with these freebies as well. Think about it this way a free sample of toothpaste is a real freebie, since it’s a real-life item that you can buy in a store.

Digital freebies, which are offered all over the place are things like free fonts, online games, emoticons,  and free Web site creation tools. These are often free to. By now you’ve been explained the basics of what internet freebies are out there but there are a few other things you should be aware of when it comes to actually getting them.

1) Be aware of spam.

The Internet is completely filled with junk-mail senders, commonly referred to as spammers. We all know what these are. Basically if you fail to protect yourself against spam, you’ll find yourself receiving thousands of them. Unfortunately, most of the companies that are giving away freebies sometimes ask for your e-mail address. I’m sure that you see where I am going with this.

Although providing your delivery details is generally imperative if you want to get the item, you need to note that e-mail addresses are not a necessity in receiving an item. They will not be sending it there will they?

When you do give out you email address, you can bet that it will likely be sold to other companies, who sell them again and so on. This just starts a horrible cycle. What this should tell you is that before you embark on a freebie spree, you need to be sure to set up a secondary email account that you will use only for this purpose.

You can do this by choosing any free e-mail address provider like yahoo or hotmail. Generally speaking, if you request a freebie over the Internet and they ask you to supply your e-mail address it is a given that spam will soon follow.

2) Get a compression or archiving utility.

When you are offered freebies like software you will often find that they take up far too much disk space to run. It is like a form of adware that these companies rely on. Usually this happens because they add extra files to the software so that they can receive compensation for every download that they get.

A good example of this is when you find that you download some software and find that they have added search utilities to your browser that you didn’t want. It is real annoying but there is something that you can do about this.

Software providers usually offer their own free programs in a compressed file format. If you are using Microsoft Windows for your computer, these files will usually have a .zip extension at the end of the file (i.e.

This format is used so as to reduce the amount of disk space they use and help speed up download times. If you’re using Windows XP, then you’re already set for decompressing files, and you would not need to download a separate utility.

Most popular compression utilities that you can find can handle various compressed formats, not just .zip extensions. Some of these file extensions are .rar or .tar.gz file, you should be fine. There are still many programs that don’t require decompressing so you should realize that if you already have an archiving program installed your compression requirements should be fine.

3) Be aware of pop-up advertisements.

These days, many webmasters have started including irritating pop-up adverts on their pages in the specific effort of generating more money. How this works is that after the initial onslaught of pop-ups that a visitor gets, other adverts appeared on the scene as well such as: pop-unders.

These adverts are extremely similar to pop-ups, in that they cleverly conceal themselves behind your main browser window so that they do not pop up on the site but they will show themselves in the taskbar. There are tools that can be very useful in combating these ads. Both of them are highly effective and shown below.

Mozilla FireFox web browser, which includes a built-in pop-up advert blocker.

Google Toolbar which has a useful add-on for Internet Explorer, with a pop-up blocker.

These two tools need to be downloaded but they generally don’t offer any spyware. I will list some websites that offer free downloads later on in this guide for you to be able to go to that are excellent for downloads and advice on downloading.

4) About spyware or adware freebies.

Even though I have covered some of the software freebie problems I had to give out a special section that was geared toward spyware and adware together.

The fact is that most downloadable software has added these into it. Some of them are harmless and can be removed with a good program like Adaware. Others however, are more like viruses or worms.

Knowing about these is important because they often don’t tell you that they are there and many cause major computer problems. I have had so many problems with it in the past, that I have thoroughly exhausted every resource in trying to avoid them.

Spyware can be anything from search additions to actual programs. They are not all dangerous but some of them make duplicate files on the programs that you already have and can’t be removed.  It is for this reason that they are harmful because they take up all of your computer’s resources. The best solution to this problem is to download your freebies from reputable sources that offer user reviews. That way you can get solid info about it from others just like you.

5) Viruses and Worms

Internet freebies from software and downloadables like music can also include viruses and worms which we all know can be fatal to computers. Most of these can be found in music downloads and movies. The reason is because of their popularity. Naturally your best bet in avoiding these is to avoid using the free site programs and instead go through cheap and paid services like iTunes.

6) The Free Gift/Rewards/Sample Issue

Since these require a certain amount of your personal information to be shared in order for you to get these items, you have to be cautious with them. For example if you want a free sample, do you have to pay for something else or give out credit card information first? This area requires some basic questions that you should be asking yourself before opting for these freebies, such as:

  1. Is the freebie worth the price that must be paid?
  2. Do I have to buy something to get the freebie?
  3. How much personal information do they require? (i.e. SSN, credit card info., bank information etc.)
  4. Do I have to enter into a contract first?
  5. is the freebie standing on its own or is there an added cost to pay?
  6. what am I willing to do for my freebie?
  7. Why is the site giving out freebies?
  8. What’s in it for them?

These are important questions that you should get answers to if you really want to try to avoid being taken for a  ride. As I explained earlier your freebie may not be all it is cracked up to be.

YOUR GUIDE TO INTERNET FREEBIES – Lesson 3: Different Internet Freebies

nextlesson-internetfreebiesWhen it comes to the different types of freebies that are out there you have a huge variety of them to choose from. I have to admit I am a freebie junkie myself and have sifted through just about every type that you can think of.

If have had my share of successes in this area and my share of failures as well. I have received great freebies that I still use today and I have had to chuck some of those not great ones too. Just some of the freebies you can find on the net include things like:

–      software (fax, email, burners, word processors etc.)

–      gifts from purchases made

–      electronics

–      music samples

–      movies and movie programs

–      quickie items like clothing, household items

–      wireless phones

–      satellite dishes

These items don’t even cover half of what types of freebies you can get offered. You can get virtually everything for free if you search hard enough for it. Most people assume that getting some sort of freebie means that you will get the item at absolutely no cost.

Although on the surface this claim sounds great and makes total sense, the reality is that there are a wide variety of ways that the term freebie is used on the Internet. For the average consumer It’s important to understand the different types of freebies that are out there and the meaning of each.

Free Sample

This is the most common type of freebie that most people will find when looking around. A free sample is when a product is given away with the intention of letting you try it to see if you like it. Let me tell you that in this case, more often than not you will actually be receiving a sample size as well. Think of Avon’s mini lipsticks that are good enough for about 4 real uses.

This happens because the manufacturer believes that in sending you a free sample of a product and  covering the shipping costs will entice you to buy their product on a regular basis. Most of the time these do not carry any hidden costs. These are the best and most straight forward freebies that you will find.

Just know that some free samples are not free and require you to pay for the shipping cost. You know that commercial that you see with the free full size bottle of the “focus” pills? That is my case in point

Free With Postage or SASE

This type of freebie is when you are offered a free sample of a product, but you’re required to pay the postage of the item or send a self addressed stamped envelope (SASE) if you are going to receive it. This sounds pretty straight forward right?

What you have to watch our for in this case is that the site providing the freebie isn’t hiding the actual cost of the product within the shipping charge. A good thing for the average consumer to note is that the legitimate offers are usually much better than the ones that you can get from a free sample with free shipping.

Free With Purchase

This is actually pretty straight forward because it is very simple. Basically for this freebie you receive an extra something for free when you purchase a certain product.  It is generally a like object such as if you buy a set of cosmetics, you get a free carrying case for them. While these can be good deals if you were planning to buy the main product being sold anyways, however it is pointless if you don’t really need the main item. Don’t buy it if you don’t need it just because it comes with a free product.

Free After Rebate

Like I said above, this is where you start off by paying full price for the  product and then are able to send in some type of proof of purchase in order for you to get your money back. While these can be a great deal if you actually go through all the steps to get your rebate, they are often more trouble than they are worth.

It’s also important for you to read the fine print and terms of service thoroughly before making the purchase. There is a good chance that you will find some restrictions which can make getting the rebate difficult.

Free on a Trial basis

This is just annoying because for this you get a product or service for free but only for a limited time. Two perfect examples of this are in the case of gym memberships where the first month is free with the full payment of a year’s membership or like you can get three free issues of a magazine with a paid subscription.

This is very process as you get with a free sample because the companies giving away the free trial are hoping that once you begin using their product or service, you’ll continue to it for a long time.

Sometimes the free trial will be completely free with nothing for you to do once the trial period is over but that is rare. Most of the time you’ll be required submit some sort of payment first so that you can try a product and then cancel the membership or subscription once the free trial period is over.

The problem here is that if you don’t or forget to, then you’ll automatically be billed for the product or service that you really don’t want. A good example of this is the case with the free AOL service for three months. Eventually you will be billed for it even if you don’t like the service simply because you forgot the cut off date.

Free Reward

The free reward lets you receive a product or service for free after doing something that the company wants you to do first. A perfect example of this type of freebie is that you only get the freebie after filling out a survey or getting cash for opening an account of some type.

For this freebie you will want to see if the needed task or obligation is even worth the reward that is being offered. This is just common sense. Another thing that needs to be taken into consideration here is that in doing the activity it may actually wind up costing you in some other way down the road.

Free Shipping on purchases

This freebie is basically the biggest selling point on  the internet these days. Basically it just states that If you buy the product, you will receive free shipping when it is sent to you. For this you have to think that many of these companies will secretly include the shipping costs in the actual price of the item.

Either this will happen or you will be paying the shipping costs in another way such as by being charged extra fees such as processing fees or handling fees which are added to the cost of the product at the time of purchase.

As you can see there are quite a few different types of freebies and freebie offers. What we will be looking at in the next section is the common freebies that you can find and the many “bewares” that come along with them.

YOUR GUIDE TO INTERNET FREEBIES – Lesson 2: The Truth About Internet Freebies

nextlesson-internetfreebiesWhen it comes to getting Internet freebies, it helps to begin your journey with knowing what these freebies are really about. You have to pay real close attention to the way that a website is advertising their freebies because you may not be getting the bargain that you are hoping for. Let’s start by looking at these first.

Totally Free Stuff

These offers are those that are obviously the best and most trusted form of free stuff to find on the net. This is what every single one of us who seeks freebies looks for when they search the net, and we do it because it is the opportunity to get goods and services absolutely free of charge.

I have noticed that as most of the websites become larger they offer less and less of these absolutely real freebies and they also quickly sell out to pushing less than stellar freebies that pay the site every time an item is requested (pay per click advertising).

The best freebies that you can find on the net are those that offer no compensation at all to the site. Basically how this works out is that all of the free offers these sites post were from free links that generate revenue to the web owner.

These companies are offering the web visitors a free item in exchange for valuable marketing tools such as a hold on their key demographic and psychological information that they could use as a means to gather information on your behavior and interests and they will eventually use this information to more effectively influence your buying decision.

So what this means is that in return for a free t-shirt you are providing the company with information about yourself and in some cases you are even agreeing to sign up for a newsletter that will help the company promote their goods.

You also may be forced to agree to view ads or even click on ads to obtain free merchandise which is another way for them to get some money. Unfortunately these totally free offers are also the most difficult to claim and receive.

The totally free services that the net offers are almost always paid for by advertising. This ends up being seen to their advantage because then they are able to pay you to surf is by selling advertising and giving you a small percentage of what they make in advertising revenue.

Free With the Cost of Shipping

These offers are a completely different source of problems on their own because there is actually money involved. The truth behind Free With Shipping is that these companies have deals with the manufactures of these products to sell them at a promotional price or even completely free of cost.

Some of the cost may be given back to them when it comes to the cost of shipping. Sometimes these offers are nothing more than gateway offers to try and tempt you to buy more expensive items. In most cases, these freebies are of much better quality and chances are it is likely that you will receive these freebies the stock is usually rotated, replenished and tracked. These are good deals in that you get the item for free, however sometimes it can cost you quite a bit in the end so watch out.

Free After Some Sort of Rebate

The way Free After Rebate works is when you are offered an item that cost $30 and you are promised a rebate for the full amount after the point of purchase, it is a tricky business. These freebies are also good in quality, and once again because money is involved, more likely to show up at your door.

Of course there is a problem here in that with this type of promotion the rebates often take many months to redeem after the initial purchase is made.

Also these companies are hoping on the drop out rate of all those people who either forget to submit the rebate. Many of us also find that these rebate offer totally inconvenience you to the point where by the time you are finished with all of their requirements, you have missed the deadline for receiving the rebate. This is a very popular scam.

The point with any freebie that you will be offered is that there is generally a catch to it that you have to watch out for. This is why you should really check out these offers before you sign up for any freebie on the Internet. In the end you may find that you do not get you freebie for free, or you just may not get one at all.



What this country needs is more free speech worth listening to.

Hansell B. Duckett

          The Internet offers many great services for those who use it. You can get information about almost anything you can think of the Internet. You can get in touch with your friends and family from all over the world for free. You can even send faxes and have live chats online these days. In fact, there is nothing that you can do at home that you can’t do online faster and more efficiently.

Of course with all of this convenience and leisure there is also the fact that in order to do many of these wonderful things, you are going to need the right tools in order to do it. That is just the beginning of the Internet freebie craze.

You see, we all want and need things on the Internet that we may not necessarily want to pay an arm and a leg for. Marketing companies and service providers want to get our business so they often offer free stuff on their websites in order to get us interested in their wares etc.

Freebies are great and we all look forward to getting them, however they do come with their prices. Some Internet freebies contain viruses for your computer, spyware and more. Also some of the freebies that you will find on the Internet are not even free at all once you factor in the shipping costs or the fact that they sucker you in with false freebie claims.

If you are at all like me, you will likely want to get your hands on something for free sooner or later. This is going to be your comprehensive guide to learning everything that you need to know in order to get the most out of your Internet freebies. Let’s get started right now.

YOUR GUIDE TO INTERNET FREEBIES – Lesson 11: Get Freebies — Avoid Spam

nextlesson-internetfreebiesSometimes when you sign up for free offers, you can get more than you bargained for like I already stated. Although most of the sites that I refer you to are unlikely to cause you to receive unwanted email, sometimes you just can’t avoid it. The downside to this is that it will land you on unwanted mailing lists.

If, like me, you already get too much spam in your inbox, I have some tips that can help you avoid the hassle all together.

Become hard to find.

This is probably the single best and most effective method of warding off the spammers. If you don’t give out your primary email address except to trusted friends etc. and organizations you can keep a nice clean mailbox.

The best way to do this is to sign for the free online mail service providers like hotmail and yahoo. You can even get disposable email addresses that disappear on their own. Use these addresses when you think you may be exposed to a junk emailer.

When you do start getting too much spam to any of the free accounts just cancel it and get another one. You should also use a disposable account if you post messages to the Internet forums just to be sure. Spammers often use software that combs newsgroups for email addresses.

Just Say NO to MLMs.

There may be a few legitimate multilevel marketing companies out there, but there are many that are nothing but some of then are nothing but schemes. In my opinion these schemes are one of the biggest nuisances on the Net. If these people manage to get your email address and think that you may be enough of a sucker to fall for their big offers, you get unending junk email.

The best way to avoid these jokers is by learning to recognize them when their emails arrive. If you come to a web page that is one big sign in a large font that tells you about this great deal, avoid it and don’t click it at all.  Unfortunately many of these appear on many different freebie websites. If it looks like and MLM, if smells like an MLM or if it tastes like an MLM, avoid it.

Information giveaways.

If you are signing up for a freebie or registering for anything on the Net you should only give the information that is absolutely necessary. If a site is asking for more information than seems to make sense for the type of offer then either use the tip above, or just avoid it.

If it looks like they are trying to qualify you for a targeted mailing list they probably are. It is also good to note that you should never give out your phone number on the Net unless there is a very good reason for doing it. Junk email is bad enough, unsolicited phone calls we really don’t need.

To avoid doing this I always enter “UL” for unlisted or I give them a “555” number. If they can’t send me a freebie without a phone number, I don’t want it anyway so I just move on.

Check the spam box

You will find that many registration forms have a check box that allows you to let them know if you don’t want emails sent to you. If you want to avoid junk email, tell them that in the check box offered. If you exercise a little caution, a little common sense, and a few tricks, you can avoid a lot of unwanted email.