Promoting Your Website

Promoting your website can be easy if you have a plan. An action plan will help keep you on track and moving forward. Let’s brainstorm some ideas that you can apply to your business depending on your products/services that you offer…

  • Articles
  • Press Releases
  • Ebooks
  • Teleclass/Webinar
  • Submit your website to website directories
  • Submit your blog to blog directories
  • Submit your podcast feed to podcast directories (including iTunes)

Want to make it simple for others to link to you… Create a Link To Us page with text links and graphics others can use. They can grab and go. You could also establish a link exchange directory and trade links with complimentary websites.

How To Tweet Now-a-days…

  • Instead of “you” – use “u”
  • Instead of “and” – use “&”
  • Instead of “your” – use “ur”
  • Instead of “to” or “too” – use “2”
  • Instead of “before” – use “b4”
  • Instead of “favorite” – use “fave”
  • Instead of “great” – use “gr8”
  • Instead of “later” – use “l8r”
  • Instead of “people” – use “peeps” or “ppl”
  • Instead of “are” – use “r”
  • Instead of “please” – use “plz”
  • Instead of “thanks” – use “thx”
  • Instead of “with” – use “w”
  • Instead of “I will do” – use “I’ll do”
  • Instead of “I hope” – use “Hope”
  • FYI: Get rid of “that” and “the” whenever possible

Whether you are just starting your Online business or been in busy for years.. things you should do today!

Have you claimed your business on Google Places or yet?

Here is a list from (

Google Places:
Yahoo Local:
Bing Local:
Best of the Web Local:
Citysearch: [this feeds into and Bing]
Yelp: [this feeds into and Bing]

Don’t forget to setup Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn at the very least!

Another listing you could use is: Ask City:

Submit your Teleclass, Mp3 file as a Podcast to iTunes

I have just fell in love with iTunes after watching “The Voice” on NBC. It was fun to watch each person sign a song that they had a passion for which wanted me to be able to listen to it over and over. By the end of the selection process of whom became “The Voice” I was a subscriber to iTunes and purchased several songs that were from “The Voice”.

Since then I have been adding more music from CDs I had sitting around and purchased a few more songs here and there. Thinking that since I am just getting into iTunes – you might have a teleclass or mp3 file as a podcast that you want to add to the iTunes directory. Let me show you the steps to get this completed today… Feedburner first, then iTunes!

  1. Do you have your RSS Feed setup already? Highly recommend
  2. You can enter your Blog URL and place a checkmark in the box for I am a podcaster! and select Next.
  3. Enter your Feed Title and Feed Address and select Next.
  4. Your Feed Address is what is important – it will be
    • Example: (This is the feed you will share with others so they can subscribe!)
  5. Next you will want to have your Podcast information ready – Podcast image, Podcast subtitle, Podcast summary, Podcast search keywords, Podcast author email address.
  6. TIP: Once you have this setup – iTunes will automatically pull your future podcasts!
  7. Let’s go to iTunes. Do you have iTunes downloaded to your computer? If not – do that first.
  8. Once you have it downloaded – Open iTunes and locate the iTunes Store.
  9. Look to the left sidebar under STORE – click on iTunes Store.
  10. Next look for the upper navigation bar – Music – Movies – TV Shows – Audiobooks – Podcasts – click on Podcasts.
  11. In the right sidebar – locate “Submit a Podcast” under PODCAST QUICK LINKS and select it to begin the submission process of your podcast.
  12. Do you have your Feedburner URL ready? Enter the Feedburner URL (remember – my example was – you will see all the podcast details you entered from Feedburner YEAH ๐Ÿ™‚
  13. Next – select the category for your podcast and select Submit.
  14. Now you have to allow Apple up to 3 weeks to review your Podcast – they will let you know once it is accepted and published!

Are you an Amazon Author?

Publishing to can be time consuming – but let me provide you with the easy steps to get your ebooks added to the Kindle Store today!

  1. Sign into
  2. Log in with your Amazon access.
  3. Update your Account Information with Your Seller Information (if needed)
    • Company/Publisher Information (including Mailing address)
    • Tax Information
    • Payment Information
  4. Add Your FIRST Ebook
    • Title
    • Description
    • Book contributor(s)
    • Language
    • Publication date (optional)
    • Publisher (optional)
    • ISBN (optional)
    • Publishing rights status
      • This is a public domain work.
      • This is not a public domain work and I hold the necessary publishing rights.
    • Categories
    • Search keywords (optional)
    • Upload image
    • Digital rights management (DRM) option
      • Enable digital rights management
      • Do not enable digital rights management
    • Upload Book (HTML & PDF formats are acceptable)
    • Select the territories for which you hold rights
      • Worldwide rights – all territories
      • Individual territories – select territories
    • Please select a royalty option for your book
      • 35% Royalty
      • 70% Royalty
    • List Price
    • Submit your Ebook! Amazon will send you an email to let you know your Ebook was accepted and that you are an Amazon Author.
    • When you receive the “Congratulations You Are An Amazon Author” email – make sure you visit your Author page on Amazon and add pictures, videos, your blog, etc.

How to Maintain Findability through the Entire Web

Problem: Comments on Yelp, Google Local or is less to be desired.

“A happy customer tells one friend, an unhappy customer tells ten.”

Action Plan (notes taken from, February 2011 issue on Page 22: Dealing with Findability Disaster:

1. Secure your company profiles on review sites.

  • NOTE: Link to your Better Business Bureau rating, if possible.
  • TIP: Add Customer Service hotline or link to a page that addresses customer issues.

2. Optimize your profiles, make sure your information is accurate and up-to-date.

3. Actively request positive feedback from happy customers.

  • For each review – you can provide a small gift – a thank you card plus $5 Starbucks Gift Card
  • If you have a business voicemail – you could say something like: “Please post a review on or and receive a little gift for your appreciation! Thank you for your business and helping us to serve you and the community better.”

4. Setup and capture all brand names in social media portals.

  • For the “Budget-minded businesses” consider” Radian6, Buzzlogic or Nielsen

5. Watch negative reviews drop down and happy customer reviews surrounded

  • Kill negativity with kindness!


Top 5 Solutions to Optimize the Social Media Experience


I have heard and used the top 4 – but #5 has me puzzled. Going to check it out now and report tomorrow what I think about it for you.


Top 5 list from Top 50 Solutions To Optimize The Social Media Experience,, February 2011 Issue (page 16)

Have you checked into Exploring Yahoo Contributor Network?

Reading through more of, February 2011 Issue (page 12)…

By using Yahoo Contributor Network – also known as YCN, “anyone can publish just about anything with the push of a button – articles, videos and photos included – to Associated Content and Yahoo partner sites, and get paid for it.”

Question to you the reader, have you used Yahoo Contributor Network? What are the pros or cons to using this to help spread awareness and seek new audiences while earning revenue for yourself and promote your brand at the same time??

A few tips from

  • Don’t skip details in your profile – when it asks for your websites – include your Facebook and Twitter Profile URLs (and any other relevant networks)
  • Be very detailed about Personal Information and Area of Expertise
  • The reason is mentioning that you should be very detailed is because YCN will use this information to help in the process of determining what contributors get which assignments, including localized assignments such as community reports and business reviews
  • Continuing to say that this helps to extend your community within YCN in and out – by linking your websites, blog and online profiles

Submitting Content to Yahoo Contributor Network

  • Title
  • Description
  • Choose Tags
  • Select Photos
  • Provide Any Other Supporting Information (including links and citations)
  • IMPORTANT TIP: Choose the best possible keywords and phrases to use in titles and descriptions, tags and in the body of the content itself.
  • Use a keyword tool, such as Google’s External Keyword Tool or Market Samuari to select those keywords.
  • NOTE from If the photo is not necessary consider skipping it – the process is time consuming and the photo needs to be selected from Yahoo’s public gallery or be a image of your own.
  • The process then continues with “Editors at YCN will manually review your first three submissions for publication. Depending on the type of payment options selected, this process will take one to two weeks. After the first three articles have been published, content can then be published immediately – again, depending on the payment options selected.”
  • The next process follows with: “After a producer’s first three articles are reviewed and published, a simple push of a button instantly publishes anything else.”
  • Getting Paid by YCN: Through PayPal in two basic forms – up-front payments and performance payments. continues with more details on the process: Up-front payments can take up to 10 days for review after content is submitted. Payments can vary, but an “offer” is made ranging from $2 to $15. Once the article is ACCEPTED, your content is published and eligible for performance payments.
  • Let’s talk about Performance Payments: based on every 1,000 page views your content receives. To let you know – payments range, depending on which Yahoo property publishes the content – for example, Associated Content pays the highest at $1.50 per 1k page views and Yahoo Sports pays the lowest at $1.10. Each contributor has a “Clout” score that increases as more articles are published and more page views received. Increased Clout can result in higher payouts.
  • What rights do I have? continues with “when it comes to distribution, publishers also have options from which to choose. Exclusive, Non-Exclusive and Display-Only. Exclusive is Yahoo owns the rights and content cannot be previously published nor can it be republished by you in the future. Non-Exclusive means that the content producer is free to publish the content anywhere. Lastly, Display-Only content may have been previously published, can be republished by you and its completely under your control – meaning you can remove it from the Yahoo Network at any time.

Can YCN be a great choice for your local business / online entity?

Of course it can. Yahoo wants fresh, quality content just like Google and EzineArticles – so in this case if you can get links back to your site, new audience and get paid – then why not? Adding this option to my client’s article submission process!

Drop by after you have submitted your content and let me know how it goes. I will also keep you updated through future blog posts of my client’s outcomes. Coupon for you – save $50 off your first release

Helping a few clients get Press Releases submitted today. For one of my client’s it is their very first press release and through Google I was able to locate this coupon and help them save $50 on their first release today – the link is : Click here for $50 off your first news release. (If this link stops working – please let me know and I will try to locate another one for you!)
I wanted to show this to you because the previous link I had listed is no longer valid.

Facebook Ads โ€“ New User Coupon Code

1. Do you have a Facebook Fan Page?

2. Do you want more fans? More people to Like your business Fan Page?

3. Begin with Facebook Ads.

I used Facebook Ads in October to boost a fan page and just to see how it works. I did run my first ad in August to boost Fans/Likes to get my brand new fan page above 25 fans to help select my username for the fan page.

I would highly recommend build a facebook fanpage ad – promote your FAN PAGE and get the right visitors into your marketing funnel.


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