Want to stay active on Facebook? Or become more engaged?

Helpful Tool: Status Set Go

I was most recently introduced to this amazing tool. What I like most is the “Status Ideas” feature. The benefit of this feature is that some days you may just have no clue what creative update you could write. This is where the Status Ideas feature comes into play so you can post something like this:

Another great feature is posting to your profile wall, any fan page you are admin for or any group you belong to. This tool can definitely help you to stay active on Facebook and become more engaged by asking for someone to “Like” your status or to “Comment” on your status. Ready to check it out? Click here to get started!

Want to see this tool in action by Casey Eberhart aka The Ideal Networker:

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Want a graphic created? Check out this service for Affordable Graphics when you need them…

I was a bit curious when this email popped in my inbox… Create your own (do-it-yourself) graphics. I know most clients could create their own graphics – however you may not have the tools or the right templates – Using MyEcoverMaker.com can solve that for you. Click below to check it out for yourself (have fun!)

Have you heard of Studiopress Themes? Genesis Framework?

I have been using Studiopress themes since December 2009 – was introduced by my business coach Erica Rueschhoff. I can see now why she has been so in love with their themes. I love the choices, the designs, how I can change a site with just a few clicks of a button or go into the PSD files that make up the site and give the site a complete customized look. I highly recommend Studiopress because of what they have to offer in each theme as well as the support for any questions or concerns I have. If you would like to learn more about Genesis Framework – then download this free guide to see how easy it is to use:

Click to download the Genesis Guide for Absolute Beginners

Click here to download The Genesis Guide for Absolute Beginners (PDF – 1.4 MB)

** If you can edit a blog post, add an image – then you can make changes to your sidebar and footer widgets as you need to. If you have any questions – drop me a note or lets connect on my fan page at http://facebook.com/stacijansmava

Use Keyword Generators Sparingly

Of course it is helpful to use a keyword generation tool to help you complete your keyword list. Not only will it help you round out your list with keywords and phrases you may not have thought of, but it also gives you ideas on what others may be searching around your topic.

Take the keyword “copywriting” as an example. A copywriter might think of obvious keywords to optimize for, like “copywriter” and “copywriting” but may not think to optimize for “copy writer” and “copy writing”. Believe it or not, people often search for products and services by using common misspellings and because they are misspelled so often, the search engines recognize them as actual searches. This requires creativity and know-how on your part.

So, for these reasons and more, keyword generators can be and are very useful tools. However, they are not meant to do your SEO work for you. In other words, they are there for guidance and word generation. They are not meant to serve as keyword managers nor do they have the ability to create entire SEO campaigns for your business.

Only you can create the best, most effective list of keywords for your website and it should be completely unique. Why? Because your business, although it may be one of many in its field, is one of a kind. Therefore, you should optimize it as such. After all, that is what sets you apart and will continue to set you apart as you gain new customers from well planned and effectively executed keyword optimization.

How to put your keywords to work

We all know what keywords are, how to find them and why they are important. But are you sure how to use them? Here are a few ways that you can apply keywords to your site in order to make them work for you and improve your ranking.

Optimize your content. Keywords will only be helpful to you if they appear organically within your site content. What does that mean? It means they must be part of your copy without seeming forced or out of place.

For example: Take the keyword phrase “terrible twos”.

Organic – “The terrible twos can be extremely difficult to manage.”

Inorganic – “A difficult toddler who has the terrible twos might be in the terrible twos stage.”

Believe it or not, search engines (particularly Google) are smart enough to recognize content that is inorganically loaded with keywords. Weaving keywords throughout your website content takes time, expertise and strong writing skills. If you are not equipped to do this, consider hiring a professional copywriter who is well versed in SEO and able to write quality keyword-driven content for your site.

Meta Tags. Meta tags are the information that is included in the header of your website on each page. Viewers to your website can not see meta tags, but they can be viewed in HTML. They provide information to browsers as well as search engines which ultimately impacts your rankings. If your meta tags are named correctly, they will help with your SEO efforts.

Meta keyword tags should always: include keywords that you have specifically chosen to optimize; be separated by commas, not spaces; only appear once; and are frequently updated and continually managed.

While keywords can be put to use in many ways, content and meta tags are a great place to start. Conquering these two aspects of keyword SEO is an essential piece to the puzzle and will help to ensure your SEO campaign is a success.

Monthly Review

Have you reviewed your monthly stats? Do you have Google Analytics setup? I also suggest adding WordPress.com Stats plugin to help add more stats for you to view within your WordPress.org dashboard.

I like to focus on where my traffic has been coming from – through Referrals and Search Engine Traffic. It is just great to see this. Makes me smile when I have new referrals – *I am thinking* New Leads – New Traffic WOOT WOOT!

Do you want me to help you review your Stats? I can. Buy your Monthly Review Package. And this package will continue on a monthly basis for you. $25 for each Monthly Review.

Would be nice to see where you are at in 3-months, 6-months or even a year!

Recommendation from Staci…

Have you thought about using a product or service that Staci has recommended?

After you use the product or service – whether it was a GOOD or BAD experience please drop Staci a note and let her know. She would like to hear if the products or services that she has grown to use and recommend to others are working for you too.