Do you trust your hosting company?

I recently helped a client with a facebook fan page and they are looking at switching from a HTML website to a website.

I highly recommend anyone that is currently using a HTML website to switch to because in the long run you will be able to take control and edit the pages and even have blog posts that will help drive traffic to your website.

Personally, I have little time to work on SEO and link building for my website – so I just keep adding more value into my blog posts by sharing with my visitors what I have encountered. I know that if I write about what is important to me – that this will help others too.

Continuing why this blog post is so important for you today is can you honestly answer this question: DO YOU TRUST YOUR HOSTING COMPANY?

The hosting company that they have been using gave me 3 immediate reasons to discuss your hosting company might not be for you!

  1. Certificate warning/error before you even sign into the cpanel access.
  2. When I got in – noticed that the website took forever to load. I was sitting there waiting – waiting – waiting – this is crazy!
  3. The version they had was 2.8.4 (I believe!) – HELLO – 3.1 is already out and I know there was even a 2.9. So obviously this hosting company doesn’t update their files/applications.

So – do you trust this hosting company? Also their certificate warning – it expired 03/2010. So seriously – if this is your hosting company – I would be worried.

Do you want to know WHY? If your hosting company is not running the most up-to-date applications/files/software – whatever you want to call it – this allows hackers to get in. Secondly if your passwords are easy to guess – that lets hackers in. Thirdly if you don’t update your to the newest versions along with the plugins – this lets hackers in – do you see a pattern??

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