Do you want more people to read your articles? RETWEET your articles. Spread the word!

I recently signed up for article directories. One of the article directories was Within their confirmation email they had a message that I wanted to share with everyone. Here are some very good points:

Below are a number of reasons why you should RETWEET your articles.

Retweets are viral

Retweets show up as top-level items in FriendFeed

Retweets typically give credit to sources

– While giving credit to sources, retweets can lead to relationships

– Susbstantial amounts of retweets can say a lot about the quality of content

Retweets can inspire further conversation

Retweets can be good for branding

Retweets can easily be shared across multiple networks, like Twitter, Friend, Facebook, etc.

Retweets can provide followers with additional value in quality content

Retweeting is easy, simply hit the Retweet button on your approved article

Happy Retweeting!

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