How do I stay organized?

That is the question asked today, here is my response…

How Does Staci Stay Organized?


I was using Outlook and recently switched to Gmail. I have been using the Labs feature to categorize my emails into folders (aka Labels per Gmail). This has helped me to find what I need. I put a folder for each client. I have then been using the Starred emails for my action items. Those are the emails that I have to touch now and work now.

Bookkeeping Keeps track of all my income and expenses. Each month I go in and organize it and make sure everything is valid. I have PayPal importing automatically and Freshbooks importing automatically. I don’t use Freshbooks for invoicing. I have taken their invoice and created my own which is very similar.


Try to keep everything in order (minus the toys – are they ever in order!). Find a place for everything – and if after a year you are not using it – then donate it, sell it — something. eBay has been a great place to sell anything and everything. Before starting my work at home business,, I wanted to be a medical transcription – I knew that was a J-O-B!, I KNEW I could make money doing that but what I was afraid of was the learning curve plus getting the experience and I needed it – WANTED it fast. So I decided to start my own work from home business to give me the money to do the transcription – let’s just say I SOLD all my medical transcription supplies, resources and headset on eBay. I kept the foot pedal to do general audio/video transcription ๐Ÿ™‚

Time Clock Software LOVE it and It’s FREE!!! I go to the reports tab and find the client that I need to pull hours for and copy and paste the hours into Open Office and PDF it. Easy peasy. So now I have a record of what I worked and my client has that too. If a client ever wants it before end of the month – they just ask and I just do! Like I said – easy peasy!


Helps me schedule my tweets!


End of the month I focus on what I want for next month. I try to schedule a blog post M-F and then during the month if something comes up I just add that too – so sometimes you may see 2 or maybe even 3 post – I just had something so good to share that I could not hold it back. When I find out new, interesting tips and tools I love to share what I know. Why not, right!?!

Enough about me rattling on what I use… What do you use to stay organized?

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