How to Get Small and Big Traffic with Article Marketing

For a beginning marketer, article marketing is a great way to make your first few hundred dollars. It’s easy and it’s fast to get started. Who should you article marketing, how do you get started and how do you achieve an exceptional level of success with article marketing? Read on to find out.

Who Should Use Article Marketing?

Article marketing is great for beginning marketers who’ve never gotten more than 5,000 visitors to their website. It’s a simple and fast way to get traffic to a website without having to invest money before you’ve made money.

If you’re already making money from paid traffic sources, you may not want to use article marketing. The time investment probably won’t be worth it.

What Can You Expect?

For every article you submit, you can expect 50 to 500 visitors over the course of a couple months if you only submit to article directories.

If you make one sale out of every 100 visitors, your sale is worth $40, you get 200 visitors per article and each article plus submission takes you an hour, then you’re getting paid $80 an hour.

Granted, you won’t get the entire $80 right away, it’ll take some time. Article traffic tends to trickle in rather than come all at once.

If you go beyond submitting to just article directories, you could get a lot more traffic than that.

The Basic “How To” of Article Marketing

The first step is keyword research. Go on the Google Keyword Tool and find a list of keywords with at least 1,000 to 10,000 searches. Next go into Google and type your keywords in, in quotes. For example, “How to tile my roof” in quotes. Ideally there should be less than 10,000 competing results.

Compile a list of 10 keywords that match these criteria. You’re looking for keywords with moderate search volume and not too much competition.

Put this keyword in your title tag and use it sporadically throughout your article. You’re targeting the top 5 rankings for the specific keyword you’re targeting, plus any other keyword you happen to rank for.

Submitting Your Articles

Once you’ve written your keyword targeted article, the next step is to submit and distribute your articles.

The first step is to submit your articles to article directories like EzineArticles. This will get you a small amount of traffic. Perhaps enough to be worth the effort, but you won’t build massive traffic just by submitting to directories.

The second step is to either send your articles to other websites in your industry, or offer to write original content for higher traffic websites.

Instead of just putting together an article and sending it to a directory, the big traffic is made when you get your articles picked up by many websites in your industry. You get relevant one-way links and targeted traffic.

Article Marketing in Short

In short, article marketing is great for someone looking to make their first few hundred dollars online. It’s also great for building a presence in your field, if you’re willing to go the extra mile.

Select your keywords carefully. Choose keywords with moderate search volume and low competition. Submit your articles to article directories for a moderate amount of traffic. Contact other website owners to have your articles posted if you want the big traffic.

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