How to Get Traffic from Online Radio Interviews, Online Podcasts and Live Radio!

Want to get a ton of traffic – While becoming an established expert in your field? Getting on interviews in offline and online radio and podcasts is an incredibly powerful way to do that. Does that sound difficult? It’s not. Read on to learn how.

How Much Traffic Can You Get by Doing Interviews?

There are two benefits to getting on podcast and radio interviews.

First of all, you get a ton of traffic coming in from the interview itself. The traffic will be targeted and ready to buy, since you’ve already demonstrated yourself as an expert on the interview.

The second benefit is that you become more and more known in your industry as an expert. You’ll get more joint venture offers, more people one-way linking to your website and more people referring friends to you as a resource.

The amount of traffic you could get really depends on how many listeners your interviewer has. It’s entirely possible for you to get over 10,000 to 100,000 visitors from one interview if you’re interviewed by someone well known.

It’s also possible that you’ll have to do a bunch of smaller interviews that only net you a few hundred visitors, especially when you’re just starting out.

What Are Podcast and Radio Owners Looking For?

In order to get on interviews, you need to fulfill the criteria that all interviewers want. There are two primary factors:

1)      Does this person sound good on radio? Do they have experience being on the air?

2)      Can this person offer a unique solution with a high perceived value to my listeners?

If you don’t have radio interview experience, try to get on some smaller stations to get started.

To address #2, answer this question: “What’s the number one problem this industry faces, and how can I give a solution to this problem in less than 60 seconds?”

Then write your answer to this question in an enticing title. Come up with at least five potential titles before you pick a “headliner.”

How to Get on Radio Shows

Here are two great ways to get on radio and podcast interviews:

The first requires that you’re somewhat well known in your industry already. Contact the owner of the radio show by phone and offer to do an interview.

Most radio show hosts need interviewees as much as interviewees want to be interviewed. The super-high trafficked shows generally have no trouble getting guests, but most shows have to do a bit of work to get experts on their show.

When you contact the show owner, make sure you have your pitch straight. You should have a compelling topic or a list of compelling topics and you should sound like you know what you’re talking about on the air.

The second way to get on shows is to register yourself in the Radio Television Interview Report (RTIR.) This is where show interviewers go to look for guests. It’s a costly investment, but many guests find that it’s worth the investment.

Is This Marketing Avenue for You?

I’ll be honest: Doing radio shows takes work. I’d recommend taking this avenue only if you’re building your business for long term success.

If you’re building an affiliate marketing website where you’re looking to just get a bunch of quick traffic and make a little bit of money, then this method probably isn’t worth the time investment.

On the other hand, if you want to establish yourself as an expert in your field, then this is a great way to build both traffic and credibility.

Get experience with smaller shows first. Make sure you have a killer pitch. Contact show owners or wait to be contacted by listing yourself. Follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a regular on shows!

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