Jump to Link within page coding

You may have a really LONG sales page and you want to have a place to jump your viewer right to the buy button here’s HOW to do it:

Place this coding where you want them to end up (aka your buy button – for example – in this example – I would place this coding the line above your buy button coding):

<a name=”checkout”></a>

(NOTE: Feel free to change checkout or Click here to Purchase My Product to anything you want!)

Then – place this where you want to take the viewer

<a href=”#checkout”></a>

<a href=”#checkout”>If you know you are ready, click here to checkout</a>


Then you can also use this format to link from another webpage, or even a Squidoo lens (for the project I’m working on!)


Ex: http://domain.com/#checkout (if home page)

Ex: http://domain.com/salespagetitle/#checkout (if sales page)

NOTE: Test it to make sure it works once you have it set. If it doesn’t – leave a comment with a description of what you are trying to achieve and I will try to help guide you.

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