Little-Known AdWords Tactics: How to Pay $0.10 When Others are Paying $1.00

Imagine paying $0.10 cents per click, while others are paying $1.00. How easy would it be to dominate your market when you’re playing with those kinds of numbers? In this article you’ll learn a bunch of little-known tactics that will help you increase your ROI and reduce your CPC.

What Nobody Told You About Quality Score

AdWords has changed and Quality Score is the name of the game. If you have a QS below 8, forget making the big bucks in AdWords.

Instead of optimizing for conversion, optimize for Quality Score. Am I saying you should blow your sales page for the sake of Quality Score? In a way, yes, I am. You should absolutely still pay attention to your conversion rate – But that comes second to your quality score.

The difference between a “good” quality score and a “great” quality score is phenomenal. You could be paying $1 per click for 5th place with a “good” quality score – And just $0.10 cents per click with #2 position with a great quality score. QS affects both your ad placement and your CPC. The difference is huge.

Most single-page salesletters and squeeze pages just do not get high QSes. They’re allowed by Google, but they’re not appreciated by Google.

Let’s take the example of a website with an info product on how to buy a car cheaply.

Example 1: You have a one-page salesletter. You’re paying $0.50 cents per click, getting 100 clicks a day. You make one sale per day. You’re selling the eBook for $40. You’re losing money.

Example 2: You have an informational website tailor-fitted to the keyword. When they click on your ad, they come to a 2,000 word article answering all their questions. You’re paying $0.05 per click, getting 500 clicks a day because of your higher QS and placement. Your conversion rate is half of the one page salesletter’s. You’re making 2.5 sales a day for a $100 profit, while only spending $25 a day on ad cost.

I’m not overstating how big of a deal Quality Score is. This is literally how big of a difference it can make. Pay attention to your quality score, even if it’s at the cost of your conversion rate.

Stealing Keywords from Competitors

Most people do their keyword research all wrong. In fact, most people are bidding on the same keywords that everyone else is.

What if I told you that you could easily steal just the time 1-3 keywords from each of your competitors?

Instead of building your keyword list from scratch, where you’ll have to spend thousands figuring out what works and what doesn’t, you can take your top 10 competitors and just steal their top keywords.

You can do this by using a variety of keyword spying tools online, including KeywordSpy and

Add your competitors’ top keywords to your keyword list and you’ll cut your keyword research time and costs dramatically.

Move Your Product to Other Countries

Most people under look the money making potential in doing business in other countries. Even other English speaking countries like the United Kingdom or Australia have far less competition than the United States.

You could make even more money by converting your products into other languages. Why? Because very few people are willing to go through the effort to do it. It’ll cost you a few hundred dollars to hire a contractor, but the payoff will be well worth it.

These are just a few AdWords tips that could make you a lot of money. Almost everyone knows AdWords basics these days. These “beyond the basics” tips are where the money is made. Apply even just one properly and watch your profits soar.

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