Pay Per View – The New Big Traffic Source

Marketers all over the world are making thousands of dollars a day using this new traffic source: Pay per view. What is pay per view, how does it work and can you use it to promote your product? Read on to find out.

What is Pay Per View?

Pay Per View allows you to target users and popup advertisements based on the websites they’re visiting. Unlike the annoying popups you see on most websites, PPV allows you to target only potential customers who would be interested in what you’re offering.

If you’re offering dating tips for example, your PPV ad will only pop up when they go to a website like, for example.

You’re able to popup PPV ads because the user agreed to view two ads per day in exchange for downloading an otherwise paid software for free.

For example, instead of paying for a well designed game, they agree to see two ads a day. It’s completely consensual and legal. The software can be easily removed by uninstalling at any time.

How Much Traffic Can You Get With PPV?

Surprisingly – A Lot.

Five to six figure a month businesses have been built with this traffic source alone. Many of the “free game” downloads online are for PPV software.

There are millions of users in the United States and all over the world who you can offer your services to. This is not a traffic source to be overlooked.

What really makes PPV great is how cheap the traffic is. You’re generally paying two pennies or less per view.

Who Should Use PPV?

PPV is great for targeting medium to large sized markets. It’s great for rolling out an already successful campaign.

It’s not so great for super-specific niches or testing out new markets.

For example, if you have an offer that appeals to single men in general, then you may be able to make a killing with PPV. If you have an offer that appeals to single moms who want to learn basket weaving, then you probably won’t get much traffic with PPV at all.

How to Get Started

There are three primary networks that offer PPV traffic: TrafficVance, Zango and Media Traffic.

TrafficVance offers the highest converting traffic. The network is harder to get into and requires a significant deposit and a recommendation by someone already in that network. That said, most marketers find that getting into TV is worth the effort.

Generally most marketers test campaigns on TrafficVance first, then export them to MediaTraffic or Zango.

MediaTraffic is the second highest converting. Test MediaTraffic next, the Zango. Zango actually offers the highest volume of traffic, but the traffic generally doesn’t convert as well as the other two networks.

How to Target Your Ads

You target your ads by URL or keywords. Generally, URLs will get a lot more traffic than keywords.

Pick out URLs that you think will get a lot of traffic from your target demographic. If you’re selling books online, you might pick out, and so on.

Then every time someone on your PPV network goes to, your ad will pop up offering your service.

Can you think of creative ways you might use this to market your product?

PPV is a killer way to get a ton of traffic for not a lot of money. If you have a broad demographic and you get PPV to convert profitably, it can easily add thousands to your bottom line.

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