The Proposal Story

Doug and I met through my best friend, Jacci Preuss. Thank you Yahoo! Messenger!

Jacci introduced Doug to Staci and even though Staci was so focused on her studies at Wartburg and hanging out with her friends, Doug managed to make an impact on her life. Months went by and Doug and Staci decided to finally meet – face to face. Read about He proposed… Enjoy!

proposalWill You Marry Me?

the day Doug proposed… we were visiting Dan at the Kay’s Store in Des Moines two weeks before graduating from Wartburg College. Doug kept insisting that we go visit him soon, I was thinking true – especially since we were moving to South Dakota within a month. So we went.

Once we arrived we walked the long way around, because Doug insisted that we had too. I kept telling him but this is closer – the store looks to be right over here – anyway we did end up walking past the store opening to a window that they place jewelry in for the window shoppers. And to my SURPRISE… there is a sign by a teddy bear… HEY STACI, will you marry me?

But guess what happens now… I had the ring on for 2 minutes Dan packages it up with a pretty red bow on the top for Doug to carry… Note: not on Staci’s finger.

And so we get home… sits on top of our computer desk… and I wait! and wait.

I wait and wait.

Two weeks later getting ready for graduation from college. That morning I had graduation practice and by the time I got back to Cedar Falls where we were living, Doug’s parents and Doug were ready to head out for the morning. As I am getting ready… switching into a dress for graduation ceremony… Doug wants to take my pictures with my Cap and Gown… so I hurry to get that on before we have to leave and then Doug says… OH by the way – I think this is something you may want.

And I just stand still and SMILE!

it was the engagement ring that has been sitting downstairs on the computer desk and was still wrapped with that red bow on top.

Not much time left… we head to Wartburg College for my graduation ceremony and as soon as we get there I run into Jacci and show her.

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