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MUST HAVE ITEM: The MATCH IT Shoe Labels are just adorable. Wish I had these when our daughter first started Kindergarten.

Over 105 labels!

  • 15 sticker labels
  • 16 Match it Shoe Labels (shapes cut in half so kids can match their shoes easily)
  • 10 Fun Stickies (fun shaped stickers)
  • 60 Mini DOTS (for use on clothing)
  • 8 Snack Labels (re-writable labels for snacks, baby bottles, etc.)

Dishwasher & microwave safe, washer & dryer safe!

Perfect for anyone headed to daycare or kindergarten!

Kids going to Daycare? Beginning Kindergarten?

Check out Lovable Labels NEW! Daycare Packs! As a mom, I can’t live without Lovable Labels. Put that sharpie away and get Lovable Labels.

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* Please note – the stickers in my personal pictures are of the LovableLabels I currently have in stock. Daycare Packs just became available, and I don’t have one yet. Plus – I’m looking to host a giveaway in the near future, just in time for Fall. Sign up for my RSS feed or Like our fan page to be updated!

Daycare Packs by Lovable Labels

Description: A big combo for your little one that is jammed packed with all the essentials! Perfect for labeling anything headed to daycare! Includes rewritable snack labels, preschool shoe labels that help them to learn left from right, clothing labels and multipurpose labels that have fun shapes and designs for easy recognition.

Price: $34.95

Colors: Available in 4 designs


Features: Dishwasher and Microwave Safe, Waterproof, UV Resistant, Peel & Stick

Sticker Labels: 7 cm x 1.5 cm (2 ¾” x 9/16″)
Shoe Labels: varies per design (please refer to individual design for exact measurement)
Fun Stickies: varies per design (please refer to individual design for exact measurement)
Mini DOTS™: 1.5 cm or 5/8″ circle
Snack Labels: varies per design (please refer to individual design for exact measurement)

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Daycare Notes for DayCare Providers

When my son was born I adopted a form that we received each day 2 years prior from when our daughter was at daycare all day. I would pick her up after work and review the notes they jotted down of what she did for the day and how she ate, pooped, and slept, etc. I haven had this stored and figured I need to share this with everyone.

If you are reading this post and not in need of it right now, feel free to download the template so you can reference it in the future. If you know of a mommy or daddy to-be that will be sending their baby to daycare then this might be a helpful post just for them.

Here is the details:

Child’s Name:

Today’s Date:

Last Ate:

What and Amount:

Last Slept:

Pickup Time:

Parent’s Name & Phone Number

Feeding Instructions:

Time & Amount

Parent’s Instructions for Today:

Diapering Report:

6: ___ W BM D

7: ___ W BM D

8: ___ W BM D

9: ___ W BM D

10: ___ W BM D

11: ___ W BM D

12: ___ W BM D

1: ___ W BM D

2: ___ W BM D

3: ___ W BM D

4: ___ W BM D

5: ___ W BM D

Diapering Comments:

Sleeping Times:

________ AM PM to ________ AM PM

________ AM PM to ________ AM PM

________ AM PM to ________ AM PM

________ AM PM to ________ AM PM

________ AM PM to ________ AM PM

________ AM PM to ________ AM PM

Ate: When & Amount Eaten

Medications Today:

Medications Given Today:

________ AM PM

________ AM PM

________ AM PM

________ AM PM

________ AM PM

________ AM PM

Notes about :


Parent’s Signature

I’d complete these forms on Sunday for the week ahead and then I’d just have to fill in what time she/he Last Ate, What and Amount, Last Slept. Most other information was the same such as if Medications and Pickup Time.

I’ve included and you can download the Microsoft PowerPoint version or PDF version too.

Take care!

– Staci, Mom of 2 full-of-energy kids!