Staci Jansma, Speaker at The Virtual Assistant Factor sponsored by Small Business Study

The Virtual Assistant Factor

February 3: Staci Jansma is an up and coming Virtual Assistant who is fast establishing herself as the “E-Commerce” queen. Do you need to get a shopping cart set-up or make your website more “purchaser friendly”? Staci will explain how a VA can make your online ecommerce dreams come true.

I invite you to join me on the webinar by purchasing your ticket for The Virtual Assistant Factor. There is a speaker scheduled for this Thursday, January 27th and then next Thursday, February 3rd — See you on the webinar!

Facebook's New Messaging and Email System – Your How To Guide by

Are you creating your business presence on Facebook?

  • Personal Profile Account?
  • Business Fan Page?
  • Business Profile Banner?
  • Use of Like Button or Like Box on your website?
  • Fan Badge or Box on your website?

Facebook has so many options available for you to bring your potential customers from Facebook to your website and from your website to Facebook to share with their family & friends what they found… YOU – Your Business!

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So, Can you make money from Squidoo?

You can publish Squidoo lenses to spread your marketing efforts… Lenses are indexed as long as the Content is QUALITY!

So, Can you make money from Squidoo?

YES, Yes you can…
and let me show you how through a Step-by-Step Guide outlining the path to publishing a lens.

When you first sign into it can be confusing — as to where to go and how to get started. Honestly – it is 4 easy steps and you will soon be on your way.

What I want to do is not only have you PUBLISH your lens but show you what you can do to make your lens an effective marketing piece with a few hours spent on each lens.

Yes the more time you spend on the lens is great but then in the long run you will see that Content is always QUEEN — so keep your lens FOCUSED with a specific NICHE and you will see your profits trickle in months later, instantly to your PayPal account.

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How to Login & Use Squidoo

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Are you ready to join a mastermind group? If not, what is holding you back?

From a personal perspective, MomMasterminds helped me get started, the ladies provided me guidance when I needed it, let me work for them to learn so more hands-on skills and from there I just kept moving forward to where I am at today.

And I’m sure you can find the guidance and encouragement too – check out what May Madness has to offer and join MomMasterminds and reach out to Staci if you have questions along the way. As long as you don’t have like 50 questions at once I am sure I can lend some time to help you understand.

All the Best,

OH – before I forget… About May Madness…. The Deals are only $5 and they only last 10 Days! It ends May 20th! There’s even something special from your EcommerceQueen 😉 that you won’t want to pass up!

Have you heard of before? Have you created your first lens? Let Staci, your EcommerceQueen help guide you along the way. BONUS: Checklist of what you need to do to create each lens. Staci was taught by the RocketMoms group of – let her guide you through each step.