I NEED to generate more traffic … but HOW?

  • Squidoo
  • Social Bookmarking sites
    • Digg
    • Del.icio.us
    • Technorati
    • Newswire
    • Wikipedia
    • Reddit
    • StumbleUpon
    • WikiHow
    • Flickr
    • Yahoo! 360
    • Google Buzz
    • Furl
    • Ning
    • Yahoo! Answers
  • Article Marketing
  • Press Release
  • Ezine Directories
  • Ads (about your products/services/business in general)
  • Webinars/Teleseminars/Teleclasses
  • Social Marketing
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • MySpace
  • Podcasting
  • Blogging
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Forum Participation
  • Joint Ventures

All of these ideas would be a great way to generate more traffic – keep in mind – continue to use your keywords all throughout each task that you complete to ensure that you are generating the right traffic.

Submit to Ezine Directories with a Software Program or Manual Submission?

If you have heard or seen a Ezine Directory Software Program – leave a comment.

Currently, I have not heard of one that you can use. I personally have completed all submissions manually for the ezine directories. Some of the sites you may need to be a registered user to add your ezine. If so, I would recommend registering — so you can submit your ezine information.

What is nice — is after you submit your ezine information for the directory you are not required to keep updating, unless something changes with your ezine format or frequency.

Ezine Directory Software – Manual or Software Program?

Search "ezine directory" with Google.com

Search "ezine directory" with Google.com

Currently, I am not aware of a software program that you can use to submit to Ezine Directories. I am only aware of manual submissions. By manual, I mean visiting each directory site individually and entering your information.

On some of the sites, you are required to register before you can submit your ezine to their directory. So again, want to mention — MAKE sure you check out their guidelines to ensure a speedy listing of your ezine in their directory.

Which directories have you been using?

Have a great day!

Which Ezine Directory have you Submitted to?

I have taken note of the directories that I have come across and added them to the list that you can download. This is a general list of ezine directory sites that allow free submission.



Here is the list that you can download and use. Ezine Directory List

I will try to add sites on a monthly basis going forward – so please check back for a up-to-date list.

If you have a site that you prefer to use – please share why you prefer that site. Has this increased the number of subscribers?

Have a great day!

Create a database for your Ezine Directory Login Information

After you have registered to join an ezine directory website, open a spreadsheet to log the site URL, your username, your password and your email address.

For the spreadsheet, I would include:

GoogleDocs Spreadsheet

GoogleDocs Spreadsheet

  • Directory URL address
  • Name of directory
  • Your email address
  • Your username
  • Your password

Soon you will have everything documented for easy access. What is nice about the ezine directories is that you will be able to keep track of where you have listed your website.

Here is an example that you can download and use.  Ezine Submission Database List

If you have something that you would like added please leave a comment. Thank you.

Have a great day!

Have you Submitted your ezine to an ezine Directory?



Submitting your ezine to directories varies for how much the website wants to know about your website and your business — in general.

Some sites ask for the number of readers, frequency of when the ezine is published, and so on.

The nice thing about an ezine directory is — that the directory helps to guide your prospective subscribers to see what is available. And for those looking for something and of course, your ezine needs to be known to others to help increase your readership and awareness — so its a win-win for everyone.

Just like with any directory, make sure you register (if you need to) and read their guidelines before submitting.

Have a great day!