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5.0 out of 5 stars Must Read: The Social Media Why? So you can get focused now…, June 23, 2013
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After reading about 50% of The Social Media Why? I have already wrote down a few notes of things that I need to improve on and try to remember for my own business venture, as well as the clients I serve (and will be serving). I really enjoyed the 5 Actions Steps that were included. Not only is this a great resource to read and gain knowledge from but you have action steps that you can put into place before you move onto the next social media. So if you are just stuck or confused when it comes to social media of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, etc… then I’d recommend getting started with The Social Media Why? today.


Facebook Timeline Training Tutorials

Looking for some assistance with understanding Facebook’s changes and especially the Timeline within your fan page? Look to FanPageEngine for help with their free course they are offering. No opt-in required or anything – click here and go through module 1-15 as you need to called Timeline Engine.

If you are ready to create your own FanPages with FanPageEngine – click here to get started: Join FanPageEngine Today!

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Want to stay active on Facebook? Or become more engaged?

Helpful Tool: Status Set Go

I was most recently introduced to this amazing tool. What I like most is the “Status Ideas” feature. The benefit of this feature is that some days you may just have no clue what creative update you could write. This is where the Status Ideas feature comes into play so you can post something like this:

Another great feature is posting to your profile wall, any fan page you are admin for or any group you belong to. This tool can definitely help you to stay active on Facebook and become more engaged by asking for someone to “Like” your status or to “Comment” on your status. Ready to check it out? Click here to get started!

Want to see this tool in action by Casey Eberhart aka The Ideal Networker:

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So… how did you celebrate National {Prince &} Princess Week?

I have known about “National Princess Week” for about 2 weeks. I decided to approach my daughter’s preschool teacher about a week ago and mentioned… that next week is National Princess Week – it’s the first year for it.

Two reasons why this is so important 1. My Princess (my daughter!)


and 2. Julie Andrews Very Fairy Princess books are so cute – my daughter just loves them – especially the pictures – so colorful. My daughter is a princess 24/7 and always let’s her sparkle out. She is adored by all. And I heard that Julie Andrews plus Disney and Target are honoring the special week.

My daughter’s preschool teacher said – let’s celebrate all week with Prince & Princess week… and I can tell you with today being day 4 – the kids are having a blast. My daughter told me by Tuesday – “Mom, this is the best week ever!” And she has been excited about everything. They have been reading the Very Fairy Princess collection of books: The Very Fairy Princess, The Very Fairy Princess Takes the Stage, and The Very Fairy Princess: Here Comes the Flower Girl! (just released on April 17, 2012).

What was neat was the ideas we received from the website, 30 Ways To Celebrate National Princess Week. And since we were making sure that the boys & girls would enjoy this week – we used the Princess Sparkle Award as well as created a Prince Shine Award.

We also decided on Thursday as the big party day. Starting out with a tea party and each comes dressed in their royal attire.

My daughter was beyond ready for her tea party day. She was ready by 7:18am {mom’s alarm clock usual goes off at 7:30am} in her dress asking me to get her zipped up and bow tied.

When we arrived at school, it was soo cute to see each of them dressed up and just having fun. The girls has their princess gowns on, their ballgown shoes and tiaras to match. Boys were wearing ties with nice shirts. One little boy even had a cape with a mask over his eyes – he was Prince Charming.

They made crowns/tiaras for the celebration today and were extremely surprised when Princess Ariel from Glass Slipper Entertainment stopped by for their tea party. Everyone was listening to what Ariel had to say and asked her questions about her dress, her starfish in her hair, as well as where he tail was. Ariel first taught the girls how to curtsy like a princess and taught the boys how to bow. It was darling watching them all do it.

Then Princess Ariel showed everyone how to sit, eat and drink like a Prince or Princess. On the tables were tea pots full of special tea for everyone (Pink Lemonade – my daughter’s favorite and went over very well!). Plus we had frosted animal crackers – they were very yummy as the bowls were soon empty after a few times around the table.

Next Princess Ariel read 2 short stories to everyone. Of course the preschoolers were on their best behavior and listened very well to the stories of The Little Mermaid (of course!) and What is a Princess?


After Ariel was done reading everyone went for a quick potty break and came back to get their picture with Ariel.

Each kids reaction was different – some went right up to Ariel to pose, others were still a bit shocked or overwhelmed, but by the time we got done… each preschooler had their picture with Ariel as well as some of the brothers/sisters that stopped by for the party.


As you know with my business, I haven’t personally shared a lot about my kiddos online – because I do like to keep my personal life to family and friends – but this day was a sure hit and was so much fun – that I have to let you know what took place.

Look forward to hearing what you did for Princess week. Feel free to stop by and join the National Princess Week Event on Facebook. If you have ideas for Princess week next year, drop a comment – would love to hear what you are thinking.

Keep Moving Forward and be sure to Let Your SPARKLE Out {when you can}!

Get FanPageEngine to help design, create Fan Pages that work for you (and your business)!

Looking to create your own fan pages? FanPager creators – I received this msg through the service I use called Fan Page Engine

Hi Hubzer’s

I just wanted to post a link to Facebooks page on FBML. Facebook has announced that they will be getting rid of FBML and will no longer support it starting on Jan 1st 2012. Please rebuild your fbml pages in the new Fan Page Engine system asap. As of June 1st 2012 your old FBML pages may no longer work.

Just moved 11 FBML pages to iframe and have 4 left pending client’s request. So it is definitely a job to move them even if they will be the same setup – just get on this now before you lose what you have. FanPageEngine is closing it off January 1st – so that does put some urgency on this for me (and the client’s fan pages – luckily they are almost all switched). So I had to share this with you too.

Looking to hire Staci to design/create your fan page – Contact Staci Today! Review

Looking more into to see how it can be a Solution To Optimize The Social Media Experience


On the home page – I saw a tool for getting a page evaluation for a Facebook Page – Look for Facebook Page Evaluator

One of my businesses is Ecommerce Queen – Show You Step-By-Step How To Get Things Done Online at

Vitrue results are located here –

In 6/2010 page was worth $12 – asking for a re-evaluation.

I will let you know what the new value will be. In June 2010 – it shows I only have 9 fans – now I have over 43 on that page alone. And I can’t even get them to evaluate

Will updated you when I find out more!



Facebook's New Messaging and Email System – Your How To Guide by

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Facebook Ads – New User Coupon Code

1. Do you have a Facebook Fan Page?

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3. Begin with Facebook Ads.

I used Facebook Ads in October to boost a fan page and just to see how it works. I did run my first ad in August to boost Fans/Likes to get my brand new fan page above 25 fans to help select my username for the fan page.

I would highly recommend build a facebook fanpage ad – promote your FAN PAGE and get the right visitors into your marketing funnel.


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As you can tell from my fan page I have installed and working. Learning how to tweak it a little bit here and there. I just received an email and until tomorrow they have a coupon code to save 10% – LASTCHANCE.

Happy Shopping!

Facebook FanPage Creator/Template

Check out the 2 pages I created from buying it to adding the code. I didn’t spend a lot of time and noticed I need to tweak the layout a little bit. It’s tweaked now!

But want to share this with you so you too can get your fan pages looking awesome. These templates are as easy as using You enter in your information – you enter in the colors that you want.

My Facebook Fan Page:

Look at the Meet Staci! and WAHMCart Tips tabs.

You want your own:

Have a great day!
– Staci

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