Facebook Timeline Training Tutorials

Looking for some assistance with understanding Facebook’s changes and especially the Timeline within your fan page? Look to FanPageEngine for help with their free course they are offering. No opt-in required or anything – click here and go through module 1-15 as you need to called Timeline Engine.

If you are ready to create your own FanPages with FanPageEngine – click here to get started: Join FanPageEngine Today!

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Want to stay active on Facebook? Or become more engaged?

Helpful Tool: Status Set Go

I was most recently introduced to this amazing tool. What I like most is the “Status Ideas” feature. The benefit of this feature is that some days you may just have no clue what creative update you could write. This is where the Status Ideas feature comes into play so you can post something like this:

Another great feature is posting to your profile wall, any fan page you are admin for or any group you belong to. This tool can definitely help you to stay active on Facebook and become more engaged by asking for someone to “Like” your status or to “Comment” on your status. Ready to check it out? Click here to get started!

Want to see this tool in action by Casey Eberhart aka The Ideal Networker:

Feel free to drop by our fan page at http://facebook.com/CreativeVirtualSpark and Like us!

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Looking to create your own fan pages? FanPager creators – I received this msg through the service I use called Fan Page Engine

Hi Hubzer’s

I just wanted to post a link to Facebooks page on FBML. Facebook has announced that they will be getting rid of FBML and will no longer support it starting on Jan 1st 2012. Please rebuild your fbml pages in the new Fan Page Engine system asap. As of June 1st 2012 your old FBML pages may no longer work.


Just moved 11 FBML pages to iframe and have 4 left pending client’s request. So it is definitely a job to move them even if they will be the same setup – just get on this now before you lose what you have. FanPageEngine is closing it off January 1st – so that does put some urgency on this for me (and the client’s fan pages – luckily they are almost all switched). So I had to share this with you too.

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Bye Bye NetworkedBlogs app for Facebook Fan Pages and HELLO SOCIAL RSS

I have been having issues with client’s fan pages with the NetworkedBlogs app for the Facebook Fan Pages. For some reason if a blog is not posted for awhile – then the app just seems to stop working.

However on my http://facebook.com/stacijansmava fan page – you can see it is still working.

Checked out MariSmith.com to see what she is recommending these days and of course, Social RSS app. Will be switching the fan pages over to see if that will give us better results. Just wanted to send out a note to all that are trying to stay on the up and up – if you are getting frustrated with your fan page and NetworkedBlogs is just not working – then get it switched today.

Vitrue.com Review

Looking more into Vitrue.com to see how it can be a Solution To Optimize The Social Media Experience


On the home page – I saw a tool for getting a page evaluation for a Facebook Page – Look for Facebook Page Evaluator

One of my businesses is Ecommerce Queen – Show You Step-By-Step How To Get Things Done Online at Facebook.com/EcommerceQueen

Vitrue results are located here – http://evaluator.vitrue.com/pages/112510298780786

In 6/2010 page was worth $12 – asking for a re-evaluation.

I will let you know what the new value will be. In June 2010 – it shows I only have 9 fans – now I have over 43 on that page alone. And I can’t even get them to evaluate Facebook.com/StaciJansmaVA

Will updated you when I find out more!



Facebook FanPage Creator/Template

Check out the 2 pages I created from buying it to adding the code. I didn’t spend a lot of time and noticed I need to tweak the layout a little bit. It’s tweaked now!

But want to share this with you so you too can get your fan pages looking awesome. These templates are as easy as using WordPress.org. You enter in your information – you enter in the colors that you want.

My Facebook Fan Page: http://facebook.com/stacijansmava

Look at the Meet Staci! and WAHMCart Tips tabs.

You want your own: http://stacijansma.com/facebookfanpagetemplates

Have a great day!
– Staci

Looking to promote the program? Want to join the affiliate program: http://stacijansma.com/promotefacebookfanpagetemplates

WHY you need a Facebook Fan Page…

  • Facebook is currently the fourth most popular site on the entire Internet.
  • There are 250 Million People on Facebook, which accounts for 70% of the entire Internet population.
  • The typical user logs in for and average of 21 minutes per visit.

MEANING… everyone is on it – so you should be too! Not spending all your time but with the use of a Facebook Fan Page you could increase your brand awareness and funnel traffic to your website.

Check out my newest Fan Page: Ecommerce Queen Fan Page (feel free to “Like” the page to share with others!)

Want to know more on how you can create your fan page — > Ecommerce Queen’s How-To Guide

How to Login & Use Facebook <– Get Your Copy

Add Facebook Fan Page to your EzineArticles.com Profile

I have been following the blog post for EzineArticles.com for sometime now. The main reason is because they have great information to share with you no matter how many articles you submit to their directory. At this time I do not submit articles for myself but for others… So I feel this information can help everyone.

Did you know?

Within your profile page on EzineArticles.com you can add your Facebook Fan Page link.

Here are the steps from EzineArticles More Facebook Upgrades for Your Author Bio:

Adding Your Facebook Fan Page URL:

  1. Optimize your Facebook Fan Page so it’s unique, inviting and attractive
  2. Log in to your EzineArticles Member Account
  3. Click on the “Social Media” drop-down menu and select “Facebook”
  4. Copy and paste your Facebook Fan Page URL into the second text field (If you have a personal Facebook page, add it to the first field)

Our other Facebook-related upgrade allows members to “Like” your Expert Author Bio page. If a reader finds your bio interesting, they can click on the “Like” button. Now a link to your Expert Author Bio will appear on their Facebook page!

*NOTE: You have to have the extended Author Bio. If you do not have this you will need to upgrade. This membership is referred to as their Premium membership.

Happy Writing.

Facebook – Fan Pages or Business Pages get Indexed!

Do you have a fan page or business page setup with Facebook.com?

Watch this video to learn how. Great step-by-step directions.

While I listened to the video, I was on Facebook creating a new fan page called, “Your Online 24/7 Virtual Assistant”.

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