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Looking to create your own fan pages? FanPager creators – I received this msg through the service I use called Fan Page Engine

Hi Hubzer’s

I just wanted to post a link to Facebooks page on FBML. Facebook has announced that they will be getting rid of FBML and will no longer support it starting on Jan 1st 2012. Please rebuild your fbml pages in the new Fan Page Engine system asap. As of June 1st 2012 your old FBML pages may no longer work.

Just moved 11 FBML pages to iframe and have 4 left pending client’s request. So it is definitely a job to move them even if they will be the same setup – just get on this now before you lose what you have. FanPageEngine is closing it off January 1st – so that does put some urgency on this for me (and the client’s fan pages – luckily they are almost all switched). So I had to share this with you too.

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