Submit your Teleclass, Mp3 file as a Podcast to iTunes

I have just fell in love with iTunes after watching “The Voice” on NBC. It was fun to watch each person sign a song that they had a passion for which wanted me to be able to listen to it over and over. By the end of the selection process of whom became “The Voice” I was a subscriber to iTunes and purchased several songs that were from “The Voice”.

Since then I have been adding more music from CDs I had sitting around and purchased a few more songs here and there. Thinking that since I am just getting into iTunes – you might have a teleclass or mp3 file as a podcast that you want to add to the iTunes directory. Let me show you the steps to get this completed today… Feedburner first, then iTunes!

  1. Do you have your RSS Feed setup already? Highly recommend
  2. You can enter your Blog URL and place a checkmark in the box for I am a podcaster! and select Next.
  3. Enter your Feed Title and Feed Address and select Next.
  4. Your Feed Address is what is important – it will be
    • Example: (This is the feed you will share with others so they can subscribe!)
  5. Next you will want to have your Podcast information ready – Podcast image, Podcast subtitle, Podcast summary, Podcast search keywords, Podcast author email address.
  6. TIP: Once you have this setup – iTunes will automatically pull your future podcasts!
  7. Let’s go to iTunes. Do you have iTunes downloaded to your computer? If not – do that first.
  8. Once you have it downloaded – Open iTunes and locate the iTunes Store.
  9. Look to the left sidebar under STORE – click on iTunes Store.
  10. Next look for the upper navigation bar – Music – Movies – TV Shows – Audiobooks – Podcasts – click on Podcasts.
  11. In the right sidebar – locate “Submit a Podcast” under PODCAST QUICK LINKS and select it to begin the submission process of your podcast.
  12. Do you have your Feedburner URL ready? Enter the Feedburner URL (remember – my example was – you will see all the podcast details you entered from Feedburner YEAH ๐Ÿ™‚
  13. Next – select the category for your podcast and select Submit.
  14. Now you have to allow Apple up to 3 weeks to review your Podcast – they will let you know once it is accepted and published!