Are you checking your Google Analytic's on a Monthly basis?

Check Google Analytics. Use this data to learn the basics of analytics and use it as a reference point while link building.

Building a New Website – What Do I need?

Try to code websites in HTML. Setup all styles in CSS, no tables.

Homepage has at least 3 unique paragraphs about you or about your website’s main topic

Minimum: 3 pages total: Home, Contact and Portfolio (or detailed page of website).

  • Pick your keywords. RESEARCH!
  • Register a domain name and find hosting.
  • Suggestion: Use GoDaddy for domain name. Use for hosting. Or
  • Are you moving your previous site? Use FTP to drag and drop your new files on your new hosting/website.
  • Sign up for Google Analytics and verify your website. Wait one week and start to search for your keywords within Google, Yahoo and Bing – are you listed and where? If you are record that in a spreadsheet – and then check again in two weeks to allow search engines to find your site and for Google Analytics to gather more data.

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Monthly Review

Have you reviewed your monthly stats? Do you have Google Analytics setup? I also suggest adding Stats plugin to help add more stats for you to view within your dashboard.

I like to focus on where my traffic has been coming from – through Referrals and Search Engine Traffic. It is just great to see this. Makes me smile when I have new referrals – *I am thinking* New Leads – New Traffic WOOT WOOT!

Do you want me to help you review your Stats? I can. Buy your Monthly Review Package. And this package will continue on a monthly basis for you. $25 for each Monthly Review.

Would be nice to see where you are at in 3-months, 6-months or even a year!

Spring Cleaning Tip 4: Google Analytics

Do you have Google Analytics setup on each of your sites?

If you don’t take the few minutes today – to sign in to your analytics account – create a tracking for each website and get the code pasted and you are set.

Way to Go!