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5.0 out of 5 stars Must Read: The Social Media Why? So you can get focused now…, June 23, 2013
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After reading about 50% of The Social Media Why? I have already wrote down a few notes of things that I need to improve on and try to remember for my own business venture, as well as the clients I serve (and will be serving). I really enjoyed the 5 Actions Steps that were included. Not only is this a great resource to read and gain knowledge from but you have action steps that you can put into place before you move onto the next social media. So if you are just stuck or confused when it comes to social media of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, etc… then I’d recommend getting started with The Social Media Why? today.


So what's your Online Reputation? Have you checked lately?

Diana went into detail about Google Plus Local for us on the first video. And explained what has changed within Google and why that was so important.

Now, Diana will go into more details about Reputation Marketing and why you need to know what to do for going forward. Enjoy (and take a few notes!)

Would you like to connect with Diana or ask her a question about “Reputation Marketing”? Connect with Diana through her fan page at:

Have you reviewed your "Reputation Marketing" lately?

I was introduced to Diana, ARKtech discusses the major changes impacting online marketing in 2012. The video located below is Part One of Two. Stay tuned for Part Two, next week!

Diana will go into details about Google Places vs. Google Plus Local. Watch this video today so you stay in the know!

Would you like to connect with Diana or ask her a question about “Reputation Marketing”? Connect with Diana through her fan page at:

How To Use Google Books Preview Features On Your Website?

I had this listed as a helpful resource…

  • Link to a Google Books Preview page
  • Add a button that opens a preview in a pop-up window
  • Embed a 500 by 400 pixel preview inline, right in the page
  • Link to a separate preview page for a book on your site
  • Link to a Google Books Preview page on a Co-Branded Search site

More information located here.

Google Instant vs Bing Instant Search Feature

It appears you have to “Try It Now” at and with you can just use it.

Have you used either search feature yet? Do you like it (or would rather not even try it)?

How Can I Measure My Rankings in the SERPs?

I wrote down this note from a webpage – can’t remember which webpage though… gathering monthly data of who is ranking on the following SERPs: Ask Local & Main, Google Local, Main & Webmaster Tools, Bing Maps, Local & Search Webmaster Central, and Yahoo Local, Main & Site Explorer. [This makes me think to ask – why is Bing Maps included but not Google Maps or Yahoo Maps.]

The best way to organize data is of course a spreadsheet and then keep adding to it monthly or at least quarterly.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – What Can You Start With Today?

  1. Analyze the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) for your keywords. Who is ranking (aka competitor)? What do you see that they are doing effectively/ineffectively? Learn more about your competition. I tell clients – tell me your top 3 competitors.
  2. Create a list of your competition – again focus on at least the top 3 competitors.
  3. Resources that can help you:
    • Yahoo Site Explorer
    • Google Analytics
    • Google Webmaster Tools
    • Bing Webmaster Center
  4.  Check Google, Bing and Yahoo to make sure the site you want ranked in the search engines is being indexed. The tool I use to help get a client’s website indexed – is by submitting their sitemap through the Webmaster Tools and Plugin: Google XML Sitemaps

Google+ Short Profile URL

Go to: to get your Google+ Short Profile URL.

Are you still wanting to get connected with Google+ – leave a comment if you need a invitation – I will get one sent over!

Let’s get connected – Find me at

Submit your Teleclass, Mp3 file as a Podcast to iTunes

I have just fell in love with iTunes after watching “The Voice” on NBC. It was fun to watch each person sign a song that they had a passion for which wanted me to be able to listen to it over and over. By the end of the selection process of whom became “The Voice” I was a subscriber to iTunes and purchased several songs that were from “The Voice”.

Since then I have been adding more music from CDs I had sitting around and purchased a few more songs here and there. Thinking that since I am just getting into iTunes – you might have a teleclass or mp3 file as a podcast that you want to add to the iTunes directory. Let me show you the steps to get this completed today… Feedburner first, then iTunes!

  1. Do you have your RSS Feed setup already? Highly recommend
  2. You can enter your Blog URL and place a checkmark in the box for I am a podcaster! and select Next.
  3. Enter your Feed Title and Feed Address and select Next.
  4. Your Feed Address is what is important – it will be
    • Example: (This is the feed you will share with others so they can subscribe!)
  5. Next you will want to have your Podcast information ready – Podcast image, Podcast subtitle, Podcast summary, Podcast search keywords, Podcast author email address.
  6. TIP: Once you have this setup – iTunes will automatically pull your future podcasts!
  7. Let’s go to iTunes. Do you have iTunes downloaded to your computer? If not – do that first.
  8. Once you have it downloaded – Open iTunes and locate the iTunes Store.
  9. Look to the left sidebar under STORE – click on iTunes Store.
  10. Next look for the upper navigation bar – Music – Movies – TV Shows – Audiobooks – Podcasts – click on Podcasts.
  11. In the right sidebar – locate “Submit a Podcast” under PODCAST QUICK LINKS and select it to begin the submission process of your podcast.
  12. Do you have your Feedburner URL ready? Enter the Feedburner URL (remember – my example was – you will see all the podcast details you entered from Feedburner YEAH 🙂
  13. Next – select the category for your podcast and select Submit.
  14. Now you have to allow Apple up to 3 weeks to review your Podcast – they will let you know once it is accepted and published!

3 Idea Hangouts For Finding Red-Hot Ebook Topics

I’ve always been impressed with those who seem to always be ahead of the pack when it comes to new ideas.

When I first started publishing information products

online, I thought that certain people had a crystal ball they gazed into. Or some top-secret contact who was providing them with inside information.

Over time, I realized that it wasn’t magic that allowed these people to come up with red-hot ideas on demand. It was simply that they knew where to look.

I soon discovered many places where ideas seemed to always be found. I call these places “idea hangouts”. Here are three of my favorites where you can find ideas for your next ebook anytime you want. Almost like a genie granting you three wishes…


Google is the ultimate “idea hangout”. There are so many ways to mine the gold in Google’s amazing search database that it would take another article to graze the surface of this enormous iceberg.

What I want to mention are just two quick ways to find ideas by searching Google.

  • Identify Listings.

Search for a broad topic related to your area of interest or expertise. (I.E. “Tennis”, “Weight loss”, “Homeschooling”.) Look at all of the web sites listed in the index of returned results. You’ll likely find some ideas for information products right there in the first couple of pages.

  • Identify Advertisers.

You’ll probably notice small ads either at the top of the page or to the right of the page (or both!). These advertisers represent your competition. They also represent your thermometer for taking the temperature of your market and gauging interest in specific topics. Chances are, what they’re selling you should be selling.

In both of these examples, you can click through to the web pages of the sites listed and study their respective sales pages. Look specifically at the “bullet points”. Each of these represents a potential idea for your next ebook.


From the world’s largest search engine we move to the world’s largest bookstore. At you’ll really get your creative juices fired up.

Again, you’ll want to search the listings by entering a keyword or keyphrase into the search box on the main page at

You’ll get a returned listing of numerous books, courses and other periodicals. Search these listed items for ideas for your own ebook.

— Example —

If you were to search for “Homeschooling”, you’d find a variety of ideas just waiting in the listing of books available, including: homeschooling for special needs children, getting starting in homeschooling, choosing curriculum, homeschooling field trips, homeschooling support groups, homeschooling for various ages (I.E. Pre-K, Elementary, Junior High, High School, etc.), homeschooling for Christians, etc.)

Any of these listings (and the dozens of others listed) would be great ideas for the topic of your next ebook.

Pay particular attention to the first page of the listing. Amazon ranks their listings based on popularity of actual sales volume. In other words, #1 is a better seller than #50. This is a ready-made indicator of demand!


After visiting the world’s largest search engine and the world’s largest bookstore, it’s time to take a quick stop at the world’s largest periodical store,

You’ll find every imaginable magazine listed at this site. The interesting part (and useful to you as a research tool) is this: you’ll also find the COVER of usually a recent copy of each magazine.

That is, you can search for “Parenting” and the engine will return a listing of magazines related to that topic. You can then click on the image of the magazine cover and you’ll be shown a larger copy of that cover where you can read the contents. (I.E. “How To Raise A Stubborn Child”, “27 Ways Discipline In Public” and “The Real Key To Your Child Getting Better Grades”.)

Each of these “cover stories” represents an idea for your next ebook.

The best part about it is this: the publishers of these magazines have done the research for you! They’ve measured the level of interest for these ideas and found it high enough to warrant not only writing content about them, but referencing that content on the cover of the magazine!

That’s your hint. People want this information.

So, there you have it, 3 “idea hangouts” where you can find ready-made, in-demand, red-hot topics for your next ebook.

Happy hunting!