Still wondering… How Can I Get My Business/Website Listed in Google?

Here’s how to get started

If you’re new to sharing your content with Google, here’s how you get started:

  1. Submit a URL for inclusion in Google’s index.
  2. Submit a Sitemap through Webmaster Tools.
  3. List your business in Google Places.

Signup for Google Webmaster Tools

Verify and read everything. This tool will show you how googlebots sees your website and point out any SEO problems you have on your website. This information is mainly for Google search engine but applies the other search engines as well.

Get direct access –>

Leading Moms in Business – Less than six weeks left…

Looking at the calendar and I see that Leading Moms in Business will end in a 6 1/2 weeks. It is so great to read the support of those I have met online. I was asked a few months ago if you can develop relationships online – the answer is YES! Yes, you can.

I have one client that I have spoke with at least monthly on the phone, I have another client that we have never “TALK”ed on the phone but we can effectively exchange emails back and forth and understand what each is saying. I have realized that sometimes it is not easy to communicate what you want to say through an email but it does work between the right people.

Top 5 resources Staci is using:

  1. Google – Gmail for emailing, Google Docs for Files, and Picasa for Pictures
  2. Skype – with Pamela for Skype with wireless headset
  3. Fast Dell computer
  4. Business Coach, Erica Rueschhoff
  5. ME! – my energy, attitude, knowledge and personality to keep moving forward

“GOTTA Have It” for my business:

  1. Docs – creating documents
  2. Market Samurai – finding keywords, checking on competitors
  3. Ninja Affiliate Plugin – connecting my affiliate links to my keywords used on my website
  4. Gravity Forms – Really helps to add more to your website
  5. StudioPress Themes – Love everything they offer

What are your must have resources/GOTTA HAVE It’s? Add a comment below.

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July 3, 2010

Diana Walker says Staci Jansma is one Phenomenal Lady! – She has helped me so much in my business, she is very proactive and I love that she will make suggestions, and also help me learn and understand what she is doing. Her support, knowledge, professionalism, and enthusiasm are absolutely exceptional. I would not be where I am without Staci’s assistance this past year and I am grateful to have found her! Staci deserves gigantic success and I know she is a shining star! Diana Walker

Share what you know and write a knol

Have you written a KNOL today?

Check out

Trends, Insights and More.. Google

What is the Google zeitgeist?

You will see various options to help you monitor trends, view insights and much more… All from – gotta love Google!

Trends & Insights

  • Google Trends – For a broad look at search query data, enter up to five search terms to see relative popularity over time.
  • Trends for Websites – Google Trends for website traffic data. Type in a website address to see visitors by region and related sites visited.
  • Insights for Search – A deeper dive into search query data for marketers and power users. Create your own lists of “most popular” and “fastest rising” queries for different geographic regions over time and by topic.
  • Hot Trends – The top 100 fastest-rising search queries right now (U.S. only). Updates throughout the day.

Keyword Research – Is this keyword any good?

Download Firefox add-on SEO Quake. This tool is very helpful to let you know the PR (page rank) of other pages and what keywords they are already focusing on, as well as what are they using for META – that is META Title, META Description and META Keywords.

Keyword Tool External from Google. This tool is available through Review the first 5 websites that rank on the first page of Google for that keyword. If they are ranked at PR 4 and lower than right down that keyword on your list. That is a keyword with potential. If any of them rank above PR 4 – then that keyword is out the window – move on to the next keyword.

The reason I mentioned META in the first paragraph – is because that is very important for the search engines. If they see that your keywords flow through the title, the description and the content on that page then you will rank higher for that chosen keyword.

Need some assistance with your META developing – you could hire a copyeditor or use META Tags Generator, available here

Ready to analysis your keywords?

Spring Cleaning Tip 4: Google Analytics

Do you have Google Analytics setup on each of your sites?

If you don’t take the few minutes today – to sign in to your analytics account – create a tracking for each website and get the code pasted and you are set.

Way to Go!

Google Buzz… causing some not so good buzz on the net

I was searching online and thought this would be a good point to bring up and share with you the source that I found: NOTE: especially if you are a Google BUZZ user

Not a user yet? Check it out here:

What are your thoughts?

Google Voice ROCKS!

I absolutely love when someone calls me and I am not able to reach the phone. Usually it is because I am busy with my kids or with someone else on the phone.. but this is why – because Google Voice will not only take the message for you but they will also transcribe it. And yes – this is connected to your Gmail account through Google.

Now the transcription is not 100% accurate but I can definitely say that reading the transcription adds some humor to your life! — and then of course I can sign in to Google Voice to listen to the message the earliest that I can.

I have 3 invites available – Google Voice does NOT cost me anything. And I highly recommend getting a Google Number which also does NOT cost me anything and you will get the very cool widget that you can put on your site – just like I did. Again – this service is available by invitation only!

Check out my contact page and feel free to call me if you want to see how it works. Take care! | February 2010 | "Google Social Search"

Continuing to read on page 16 with Dante A. Monteverde. He mentions that Google is taking your “public social graph” – the social media that you use and integrate it into their main search results for you to see.

He states that Google is taking everything they know about you from your Google profile, your connections with people and websites from social networks and then creating personalized search results.

To be a part of Google’s experiment you need to access this through your Google account –

Once you are a part of Google’s experiment you can see the Social Search results 2 ways:

1. at the bottom of any regular results – “Results from people in your social circle for” you will see 2 Google Social Search results

2. perform a search on Google and then select “Show options” feature and choose “Social” you will see the full Google Social Search results

And then you will begin to see how everything ties together. Once you begin to find more connections and friends – you will see how they can help you with what you are searching for. Dante gives more great information – SEO Corner: Google Social Search

Happy “Google”-ing!