Before Domain is Live – you can work with TEMP URL (in HostMonster)

Did you know that you can build your website with a temporary URL and once the new site design and content is loaded – you can do the switch without it really effecting downtime of your website.

This reference is from HostMonster hosting.. I was helping a client to get a site switched from HTML to WordPress… so even though HostMonster is not my choice of hosting (as HostGator is) this guide was very helpful when we needed it and wanted to share it with you in case you could use it too…

HostMonster Helpdesk: WordPress not working with Temporary URL

Click here for the guide: | Stepping Stones Consulting – Career Planning and Self Development



Theme: StudiopressGenesis FrameworkOutreach

Description of Site: Converted website from HTML to WordPress!

Company: Stepping Stones Consulting


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“We absolutely love the look and feel of our customized wordpress website and the whole experience with Staci was smooth and efficient.  Staci really listened to what we needed, and with patience, creativity and great knowledge she worked with me, putting it together in the perfect fashion for us.”

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