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5.0 out of 5 stars Must Read: The Social Media Why? So you can get focused now…, June 23, 2013
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After reading about 50% of The Social Media Why? I have already wrote down a few notes of things that I need to improve on and try to remember for my own business venture, as well as the clients I serve (and will be serving). I really enjoyed the 5 Actions Steps that were included. Not only is this a great resource to read and gain knowledge from but you have action steps that you can put into place before you move onto the next social media. So if you are just stuck or confused when it comes to social media of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, etc… then I’d recommend getting started with The Social Media Why? today.


LinkedIn Settings – You May Want To Uncheck too!

Received this in my inbox – you may want to do this too:

Subject: LinkedIn becoming like Facebook: no privacy

Quoted from a recent group post and confirmed; thought you’d like to know…

Is LinkedIn going the Facebook route? It now uses one’s photo and name for “social advertising”: i.e., it allows third-party advertisers to use your identity to sell things. LinkedIn automatically does this unless you specifically tell it not to. I’m really angry about this. To opt out of this involuntary use of your identity, go to your home page -> click and hold on your name at top right -> click on Settings on the drop-down menu -> click on Account at bottom left -> click on Manage Social Advertising -> uncheck the permissions box -> grind your teeth and fume.

The world's largest audience of affluent, influential professionals: LINKEDIN

As quoted by: Neilson Online. Taken from, February 2011 issue (page 40), LinkedIn Secrets to Success: 5 Ways To Get the Most from the Most Overlooked Social Network

Don’t wait for prospects to come to you – go get them.

  • Find the BEST customers and refer future business.
  • Target potential customers!
  • Build connections with powerful people and “trickle-down” effect can bring new connections and new business.
  • Engage with others on LinkedIn – How? By providing tips, tools, resources, video and articles throughout your LinkedIn network and groups you belong to.
  • Answer questions when you can on the Q & A boards.
  • Host monthly training teleseminars and add them to LinkedIn events.
  • LinkedIn Groups – did you know? You can join up to 50 groups?
  • Can’t find a group that suits your needs? Maybe you need to be the creator and create the group.

Tell me… How Have YOU Been Using LinkedIn?

Social Marketing Schedule

One of my clients presented me with a social marketing schedule. I think it is a wonderful idea if you are planning on being involved within social media. So I wanted to take the opportunity to summary the ideas and share them with you…


Check replies from current followers, review direct messages you received since you last checked, and respond to each one.

Search on to find people that you want to follow and add them. Tweet at least twice daily and remember to try to do them live and not from TweetLater. **I do suggest tweeting with TweetLater (which is now SocialOomph – because you has time to remember to tweet when you are booked solid with conference calls, getting your next info-product done, etc.)

Find five things worth re-tweeting in your general feed and share with others.

Reply to your followers with a complete response not just a word or two word answer.

Want to automatically follow others back – you can use SocialToo.

Approach online business partners and retweet each other.


Post a status message daily, something engaging and interesting.

Comment on other people’s status messages or updates.

Create a fan page to help promote a business, webinar, teleseminar or teleclass.

Is your profile picture current? If not, update it.

Check your wall for any comments that you should comment back on.

Add Facebook widgets to your Homepage.

If you belong to groups or fan pages, leave a comment or two.

Article Marketing

Add all completed articles into and save them as a draft. You can then go in every 2 days or so and submit the article so you have one posted about every 2 days.

Add your articles into

Submit your articles to

When writing your next article(s), remember to put your reader’s major benefit in the title of your article(s).

Looking for more directories? After you write the article you can then go to Google and search for more sites, “article submission”.

Write an article for a magazine or blog with your web address in the resource box.


If you have a few extra minutes, read through some blogs – (from STACI: try to find some blogs that are in your niche and even direct competition with you) and read a post or two and comment back.

Visit your blog and review what comments have been left and respond.

Use to bookmark your blog posts.

Blog regularly and set up to distribute content to Facebook, Twitter, and other sites.


Stay connected. Add any new relationships, business partners, etc.

Accept any invitations that make sense for you to accept.

Post in discussion and newsgroups in your industry.


Create downloadable PDFs with valuable content and active links back to your site – this can be a great avenue for Joint Ventures.

Use signature files on all emails with call to action.

Give testimonials to others about their services or products with your web address.

Create offline ads with your web address.

Optimize your site with SEO to get better search rankings.

Host a teleclass and send students to your site for information.

Have multiple websites that link to each other.

Create a viral offering such as a joke or flash movie with your website on YouTube.

Put your domain on all marketing materials.

Write a book and put your domain on the cover and inside the book.

Be a guest on a radio show and send people to your site.

Speak in public and give a useful handout with a link to your site.

Mention your web address every time you are talking about your business.

Connections on LinkedIn – Are you getting connected?

My view on LinkedIn is more professional than Facebook or Twitter. I feel Facebook is for everyday Friend communication. I actually went through a few months ago and unfriended all business relationships and now for me, my Facebook “Friends” are my closest friends & family.

Twitter usage is for tweeting something that I want everyone to know about, especially if they are searching in twitter on how-to submit your article to directories. I have a blog post that can help with that – so I want to tweet about my blog post.

Connect to StaciJansma at

Connect to StaciJansma at

Lastly, Linkedin has allowed me to connect with current & previous business partners and colleagues of mastermind groups. Check it out today! Try to spend about 30 minutes and get connected.

Have a great day!