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Description: Frustrated with all of the pieces of equipment and clothing that kids leave behind in the locker and change rooms or that end up in someone else’s bag? Lovable Labels has the answer with personalized, durable labels! Packaged to impress with 6 Multi-purpose Sticker Labels,8 Press N’ Stick Clothing DOTS, 1 set of Shoe Labels and 1 Mini Metal Tag!

* Minimum purchase of 6 packages required. All 6 packages must have the same design and icon. That’s only $5 per child!

Price: $30.00

Color: Available in 4 colors

Features: Dishwasher and Microwave Safe, Waterproof, UV Resistant

Quantity Per Name (Hover Over for Description)
6 Sticker Labels
2 Shoe Labels
8 Press n’ Stick Clothing DOTS™
1 Mini-Metal Tag (one 4” silver ball chain included)

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Labels that stick with your kids and their stuff. Check out Lovable Labels NEW Sports Packs!

Looking for a virtual receipt organizer?

Received an email today about Thought I  would share the message with you to:

Have you heard of yet?  It’s a web service that scans, data enters, and organizes your receipts, bills, and business cards online.  I thought you might be interested in trying it out to get organized and save time, so here’s a link for a 30 day no risk trial:

The L.I.S.T. – coupon code

Just received a newsletter from “The L.I.S.T.” and at the bottom was a coupon code for their membership – thought I would share this with others…


Purchase any membership to and get $5 off
when you use the Back to School coupon code:  B2S5OFF

Offer Expires: August 31, 2010

Need help to stay organized within your home office?

Check out these resources:

Setster – Appointment Scheduling

Try it free for 15 days, then choose a plan!

Check it out for yourself at

Currently I am using Tungle and Lovin’ It! But have to give you more options when I come upon them.

Service Directory Database Record

Need a spreadsheet to keep track of which directories you have submitted to?

Use this spreadsheet: Service Directory Database Record

Happy Organizing!

Stay Organized: Daycare Day Sheet

Here is another resource that I created to help my husband and I communicate with our daycare provider. We would record what needed to be taken care of that day on the left side and the provider would fill out the right side for us. It helped a lot – especially when one parent would pick up and the other would drop off and of course, your schedules are hectic.


How do I stay organized?

That is the question asked today, here is my response…

How Does Staci Stay Organized?


I was using Outlook and recently switched to Gmail. I have been using the Labs feature to categorize my emails into folders (aka Labels per Gmail). This has helped me to find what I need. I put a folder for each client. I have then been using the Starred emails for my action items. Those are the emails that I have to touch now and work now.

Bookkeeping Keeps track of all my income and expenses. Each month I go in and organize it and make sure everything is valid. I have PayPal importing automatically and Freshbooks importing automatically. I don’t use Freshbooks for invoicing. I have taken their invoice and created my own which is very similar.


Try to keep everything in order (minus the toys – are they ever in order!). Find a place for everything – and if after a year you are not using it – then donate it, sell it — something. eBay has been a great place to sell anything and everything. Before starting my work at home business,, I wanted to be a medical transcription – I knew that was a J-O-B!, I KNEW I could make money doing that but what I was afraid of was the learning curve plus getting the experience and I needed it – WANTED it fast. So I decided to start my own work from home business to give me the money to do the transcription – let’s just say I SOLD all my medical transcription supplies, resources and headset on eBay. I kept the foot pedal to do general audio/video transcription 🙂

Time Clock Software LOVE it and It’s FREE!!! I go to the reports tab and find the client that I need to pull hours for and copy and paste the hours into Open Office and PDF it. Easy peasy. So now I have a record of what I worked and my client has that too. If a client ever wants it before end of the month – they just ask and I just do! Like I said – easy peasy!


Helps me schedule my tweets!


End of the month I focus on what I want for next month. I try to schedule a blog post M-F and then during the month if something comes up I just add that too – so sometimes you may see 2 or maybe even 3 post – I just had something so good to share that I could not hold it back. When I find out new, interesting tips and tools I love to share what I know. Why not, right!?!

Enough about me rattling on what I use… What do you use to stay organized?

Do you need a scheduling service to speak with your clients/customers?

I have found I was setting up my new desktop with firefox and adding the add-on of WiseStamp. Through WiseStamp I found out about Very impressed with it. About a month ago I was introduced to Do like timedriver but wanted to avoid paying $29.95 for the monthly service.

Check out so you can see how I am using it.

Spring Cleaning Your Email Account…

My Spring Cleaning tip for you…

I was gathering email messages for several months – at least 6-8 and put them into a folder. I never had time to read them and as time goes by I am just getting busier and busier and want to spend more time with family and less time on my laptop unless it is worthwhile time. You know what I mean – time on computer should be earning money or at least working on an info-product that will earn you money. Anyway-

So if you are like me – I took the 700+ messages that were sitting in that folder and briefly looked at them. If I did not see anything that that beneficial I just deleted the messages. And going forward I am UNSUBSCRIBING from all newsletters that I just do not see anything that I can take away from it.


UNSUBSCRIBE from any UNNECESSARY items such as:




SO if you are not reading them as they come into your inbox and not even reading them in a week – then just unsubscribe. Less clucker will keep you MORE FOCUSED and more organized.

Happy Organizing!