Give Wedding-Themed "Treasured Letters" Tips Booklets as Prospecting Take-Aways or Client Thank-You Gifts

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Four wedding-themed tips booklets from All My Best make great promotional tools and related businesses to give to brides, grooms, and/or their parents.

These “Treasured Letter” booklets were inspired by letters written, framed, and presented at the rehearsal dinner by author Lynette Smith’s own son and daughter-in-law to their respective parents. The letters described not only their fondest childhood memories but also the values, life lessons, and ideals they would bring to their marriage.

The 16-page booklets help writers plan, compose, package, present, and enhance a heartfelt letter to a loved one. They’re titled:

Good Ways to Write a Treasured Letter …

  • To Your GROOM When You Marry
  • To Your BRIDE When You Marry
  • To Your PARENTS When You Marry
  • To Your SON or DAUGHTER Getting Married

They fit in a business envelope for easy mailing and are available individually, in discounted bundles of 12 or 100 per title, and in further-discounted assortment packs of 48 or 400. The covers have ample white space for a business card or customized promotional label. (Avery’s #8395 White Adhesive Name Badge labels fit perfectly, for example.)

These tips booklets will help your wedding clients add dimension to their pending nuptials by writing treasured letters to share the love.

And your clients will know who to thank for it.

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