Have you reviewed your "Reputation Marketing" lately?

I was introduced to Diana, http://ARKtech.co. ARKtech discusses the major changes impacting online marketing in 2012. The video located below is Part One of Two. Stay tuned for Part Two, next week!

Diana will go into details about Google Places vs. Google Plus Local. Watch this video today so you stay in the know!

Would you like to connect with Diana or ask her a question about “Reputation Marketing”? Connect with Diana through her fan page at: http://facebook.com/ARKtech

I want to BLOCK the Search Engines from a Webpage – How Can I Do This?

ANSWER: Add a robots.txt file OR use Google XML Sitemaps and enter the ID for the page or post under the noindex (it’s towards the bottom of the plugin’s setting page).

Robots.txt allows you to specify exactly what pages major search engines can crawl. The search engines pull the robots.txt file before crawling your website.


Copy the following content and drop it into a text file and do a Save as robots.txt and drop it where you need it on  your website.

User-agent: *
Disallow: /


User-agent: *
Disallow: /documents/

So if you have a file in the "documents" directory - the search engines would be blocked because you are Disallowing access. Which would be http://domain.com/documents/