Do you run out of space in your inbox on your server?

Most online users use GoDaddy as your domain registarer. I also keep my email housed at GoDaddy with my domain and have ran into non-delivery of emails to my domain email account. This may seem like an easy solution – of course you need to buy more space according to GoDaddy OR you can auto-purge (aka delete emails after xx days) which won’t cost you more money and you won’t need more space unless you use the 1GB before the email are being deleted.

Well Option B sounds great. If you are like me – you need to go in and launch each webmail under each domain and then you right click on Inbox – and select autopurge. Once you get this far – then you need to select one of the options. It is probably set to Never – which is default. I have been setting them to 180 days.

Figured after that long – I probably don’t need the email message anymore.

Hope this tip helps you!

Did You Hear About Fantastico replaced by Softaculous?

Asked my hosting, MomWebs – why is Fantastico not available through Cpanel no longer:

On most Mom Webs servers Fantastico has now been replaced by Softaculous. The icon for Softaculous is near where the Fantastico icon was on the front cpanel page.

Softaculuous does a better job of keeping the scripts up to date, and people say that it’s easier to use.