Very easy to use Kindle formatting tool…

If you’re a Kindle Publisher (or even thinking about it)  you need to run (not walk) to this site now:



Getting a bad review on Kindle is EXCRUCIATING.

And do you know how EASY it is to get a bad review due to formatting? The majority of people unknowingly mess up formatting all the time. :(

That’s why you need to know about this:


The majority of bad reviews on Kindle are due to bad formatting on the author’s part.

But it’s HARD to get that formatting right… and really headache inducing.

Before this Kindle Formatter online software, uploading a book was a SEVEN step process that could take you an HOUR.

Or you could pay someone $50-$100 to do it for you.


Now it’s a 2 minute process that’s brain-dead simple.

If you plan on making money with Kindle, you NEED this – period:


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P.S. This works out to 27 cents per book. No-brainer: