1ShoppingCart Welcome Affiliate Email Coding Error

If you have been experiencing issues with utilizing the “shortcode” within 1ShoppingCart and when your affiliates receive the email and the link is not complete, mainly the http://www.mcssl.com is missing, this is a KNOWN issue with 1ShoppingCart since 4/16/2013 and unsure how soon or when it will be fixed.

I called into 1ShoppingCart support to ask them why I was seeing this in the system and what the affiliate received when they signed up… support said this is a known issue… and honestly – surprised with this being a known issue why it’s not fixed.

Today knowing that it’s still an issue spoke with support about it and just asked how is this suppose to work – just so frustrated.

The support representative said I have something that will work for sure.

Then he asked me to refresh. This is what he replaced in the Welcome email so you can use it too.

Your default affiliate link is:


Hope you find this useful!

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