You Are Magnetically Attractive When You In Your Full Feminine Power

online-datingLet’s face it  – As women we have qualities that are uniquely ours as women, especially when we allow our feminine essence to surface.  Unfortunately there are many factors that can interfere with you feeling comfortable and safe in expressing yourself that way.  Often we are not even aware that we are not in our most feminine strength.

Some things that can influence us are our past experiences and more importantly how we have perceived and developed beliefs around them.  Again, often we are not consciously aware of what that is or how it may be impacting our lives; in particular in attracting that wonderfully delicious partner you are craving or enjoying the one who is beside right now. It’s not just your romantic relationships that are affected.  Your friendships and family interactions might not be as strong and healthy as you would like.

Other factors in which most women are unaware is the emotional and energetic experiences of their mother, father and environment during pregnancy.  Add to that the ancestral DNA of the women in your family. Then there are the failed and challenging relationships and experiences. They all are contributing to the results that you are seeing in your life right now.

My friend, Cheri Valentine is an expert at helping women to clear the unconscious sludge that literally impacts women from embracing love fully, and expressing their full feminine power to create the life, the experiences, the relationships that are super supportive and loving.

Last weekend she spoke a group of women. The audience was made up of women who either owned their owned business or were contemplating starting one.  All of them focused a goal or desire that they wanted to manifest this year, whether it was personal or professional.   Then Cheri showed the ladies how to check in with the wisdom of their body to see if they REALLY believed they could have this.  98% of the women were astounded that although they consciously believed they could achieve their goal, UNCONSCIOUSLY THEY DID NOT BELIEVE IT.  There was a major disconnect between the conscious desire and the unconscious belief.  They discovered how will and conscious awareness alone is not enough to create the life that you desire?

So if you are serious about making some changes this year whether in your personal or professional life, then I am happy to tell you that Cheri has an amazing program starting February 14th that will help you clear what is unconsciously standing in your way.  It’s called “Unlocking the Seven Layers of Your Inner Wisdom.”

You can get all the details by clicking here.

In this program, by exploring your inner wisdom, tapping on the imbalance or excessive sludge, and examining your beliefs, you will be free to create your life from an empowered and healthier state.  You will be able to powerfully shift the thinking and the beliefs that have been contributing your lack of desired results.

So, click here for all the details and start today to shift your life to one of joy, trust, unconditional love, partnership and success.

By the way Cheri is generously offering a savings of $50 to the first 25 people who register by February 10th, 2013.  When checking out use this code, wisdom.

Here’s to 2013 being the year you attractively and magnetically attract all that you desire!

Wish You All The Best,

– Staci