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WP Update ERROR: /wp-includes/general-template.php on line 2102

I have been trying to update a client’s website and when I updated it – I received this error:

/wp-includes/general-template.php on line 2102

The main reason: was due to a plugin – PopUp Domination

Once I deactivated the PopUp Domination then the site was running just fine. The way to fix this was a bit confusing – I had to replace the wp-includes folder with a fresh version which I downloaded. And then I deactivated all the plugins and updated the WordPress, the theme and then each

Before Domain is Live – you can work with TEMP URL (in HostMonster)

Did you know that you can build your website with a temporary URL and once the new site design and content is loaded – you can do the switch without it really effecting downtime of your website.

This reference is from HostMonster hosting.. I was helping a client to get a site switched from HTML to WordPress… so even though HostMonster is not my choice of hosting (as HostGator is) this guide was very helpful when we needed it and wanted to share it with you in case you could use it too…

HostMonster Helpdesk: WordPress not working with Temporary URL

Click here for the guide: https://my.hostmonster.com/cgi/help/wordpress_url

How does your Website look on a Smartphone?

If you are wondering – just checkout this tool Studiopress has on their website – readily available…


Definitely tells me the new theme I want – is not the theme I should stick with.

I am working on a new website as the logo should be finalized by the end of this week – but you can check it out now on your smartphone and let me know what you think: http://creativevirtualspark.com/

If you’re smart phone is not readily available – use the tool at Studiopress and then put in your website – check out how it appears in each device – then feel free to put in my new website: http://creativevirtualspark.com/ so you can see how the responsive theme functions.

Feel free to also use http://stacijansma.com as another website to check. I just updated it to a responsive theme and brought my colors and look that I had previously with a non-responsive theme.

If you would like to discuss your options for your current WordPress theme to a responsive theme – contact me.

BOUTIQUEBARGAINS.com | Jenn Cangelosi – How To Sell on eBay & Amazon


Domain: boutiquebargains.com

Theme: StudiopressGenesis FrameworkLifestyle with Premise Landing Page Plugin

Description of Site: Sales Page website with Membership all-in-one

Company: Jenn Cangelosi

URL: http://boutiquebargains.com

Graphic Version: Click to Open in a New Window

Testimonial: Coming Soon!

BOUTIQUEBARGAINS.com/BLOG | Jenn Cangelosi – How To Sell on eBay & Amazon


Domain: boutiquebargains.com/blog

Theme: StudiopressGenesis FrameworkLifestyle

Description of Site: Blog for everything about “How To Sell on eBay & Amazon”

Company: Jenn Cangelosi

URL: http://boutiquebargains.com/blog

Graphic Version: Click to Open in a New Window


Staci has been my VA for a while now. We’ve really grown both of our businesses together. Staci is always willing to suggest new ideas and ways to improve business. Her work is always accurate and FAST! I’m a person who continually likes to see progress, and Staci is always ready to hit the ground running with my projects.

Jenn Cangelosi

“I wish I could choose more attributes for Staci. She has really helped me out with Boutique Bargains. She has gotten more done for me in a few short hours, than I have been able to do in quite a while with my busy schedule. I totally trust Staci to run with any project I give to her.” September 14, 2009

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

1st Jenn Cangelosi
hired STACI as a Virtual Assistant in 2009

CHERIVALENTINE.com | Cheri Valentine, LLC – Cupid's Executive Officer


Domain: cherivalentine.com

Theme: StudiopressGenesis FrameworkFocus with Premise Landing Page Plugin

Description of Site: Custom Website to feature services and products.

Company: Cheri Valentine, LLC

URL: http://cherivalentine.com

Graphic Version: Click to Open in a New Window


“It was a challenge choosing only 3 of the attributes for Staci, since she deserves a 5 STAR rating in all areas. I have been blessed to find Staci. She has invigorated my creative and business sense with her interest, ideas, and implementation. She is professional, knowledgeable on the ball is many areas where I like in propelling my presence on the Internet. I HIGHLY recommend STACI, and am thrilled to have her helping me on going!

Cheri Valentine
Love Strategist, EFT and Energy Coach
Creator of 90 Days 2 Love Attraction Collaborative – www.90Days2Love.com” July 28, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

1st Cheri Valentine
hired STACI as a Promotion and Marketing in 2010, and hired STACI more than once

OURHALLOWEENSTORE.com | Doug and Staci Jansma – Niche Website


Domain: ourhalloweenstore.com

Theme: StudiopressGenesis FrameworkManhattan

Description of Site: Niche Website for Halloween Costumes and Accessories for all ages.

Company: Doug and Staci Jansma

URL: http://ourhalloweenstore.com

Graphic Version: Click to Open in a New Window

Testimonial: Coming Soon!

CIVILIZEDDIVORCE.com | Illinois Civilized Divorce – Law Firm of Kulerski & Cornelison


Domain: civilizeddivorce.com

Theme: StudiopressGenesis FrameworkNews

Description of Site: Professional Legal Website Customized from a PSD File that was already created by Client’s graphic designer.

Company: Law Firm of Kulerski & Cornelison

URL: http://civilizeddivorce.com

Graphic Version: Click to Open in a New Window


Staci Jansma has been my virtual assistant for almost a year and I am extremely pleased with everything she does for me. Staci is enthusiastic, she cares, and she worries about my business as if it were her own. My biggest fear is that too many people are going to find out about Staci and cause me to lose some of the great personal attention I have been receiving. When I ask Staci to do something, it gets done, and it gets done well. She even troubleshoots and does the extra things that I never would have thought of. After 47 years in business, I know what good is, and Staci Jansma is as good as it gets.

Richard Kulerski, Chicago Lawyer

“Staci shows sincere interest in my projects and my needs and gives me one-on-one personal attention. Her work is prompt, competent, and caring. She gives you more than she bills you for.” December 28, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

1st J. Richard Kulerski
hired STACI as a Virtual Assistant in 2009, and hired STACI more than once

YOUR WEDDING WEBSITE ASSISTANT.com | Custom Wedding Websites

Got a smartphone? Scan code to visit YourWeddingWebsiteAssistant.com!

Domain: yourweddingwebsiteassistant.com

Theme: StudiopressGenesis FrameworkBlissful

Description of Site: Customized Website For Your Dream Wedding! by YourWeddingWebsiteAssistant

Company: Creative Virtual Spark, LLC

URL: http://yourweddingwebsiteassistant.com

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Testimonial: Coming Soon!