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Theme: StudiopressGenesis FrameworkVenture

Description of Site: Custom WordPress Website that client would love.

Company: Say it Write Communications | Jacqui Getfield


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Testimonial: Coming Soon! | Burt Keirstead – Cyberspace Troubadour

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Theme: StudiopressGenesis FrameworkEleven40

Description of Site: Need a site to showcase his videos and audios for anyone to see. I knew a mobile-ready theme was the answer to his wishes.

Company: Burt Keirstead – Cyberspace Troubadour


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Testimonial: Coming Soon!

Have you heard of Studiopress Themes? Genesis Framework?

I have been using Studiopress themes since December 2009 – was introduced by my business coach Erica Rueschhoff. I can see now why she has been so in love with their themes. I love the choices, the designs, how I can change a site with just a few clicks of a button or go into the PSD files that make up the site and give the site a complete customized look. I highly recommend Studiopress because of what they have to offer in each theme as well as the support for any questions or concerns I have. If you would like to learn more about Genesis Framework – then download this free guide to see how easy it is to use:

Click to download the Genesis Guide for Absolute Beginners

Click here to download The Genesis Guide for Absolute Beginners (PDF – 1.4 MB)

** If you can edit a blog post, add an image – then you can make changes to your sidebar and footer widgets as you need to. If you have any questions – drop me a note or lets connect on my fan page at

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WordPress Plugin Recommendations

WordPress Plugin Resources:

Taking a look at the plugins I have currently installed:

  • Akismet
  • All in One SEO
  • Antivirus
  • Badbehavior
  • bcSpamBlock
  • Block-Spam-by-Math
  • Google XML Sitemaps
  • Invisible Defender
  • Login Lockdown
  • No More Frames
  • PageMash
  • WordPress Backup
  • WP-DB-Backup
  • WP Security Scan

Which plugins are you using?

What is your favorite Plugin?

Favorite – gosh there is sooo many hard to have just one favorite. I have learned that I will take what everyone shares with me and at least try it out – if I don’t like it I can always deactivate it and delete it. But if I try it — I might just really like it.

Add a Plugin to your site

Sign into your site and you will be taken to your dashboard.

Look in the left column about half way down for a image that looks like a plug-in end and the words Plugins. Hover over the word Plugins and in the upper right corner you will see a down arrow. Click on the down arrow to reveal menu options >> Installed >> Add New >> Editor >> Akismet Configuration.

At this point we want to Add a plugin so click Add New. Next you will want to search for the plugin to install it. Once you find the plugin click Install which is in the right column. The platform is amazing… it will install your plugin and then you just have to click Activate when you are ready to start using it.

Staci’s helpful tip: REMEMBER to check your website at least monthly for any plugins that need to be updated. I usually check weekly after my website is backed up. *HINT: That is another plugin that I use. It send me an email that my site was backed up. And I get a file that I can use if I ever would need to restore my site. Imagine how many posts I have in my blog – and if I lost everything – OH MY GOSH – right!?! Have to have things in place and thank god for plugins and great hosting service.

A few plugins that I really like and use:

  • All-in-One SEO Pack
  • Google Sitemap Generator
  • Sociable or Sexy Bookmarks
  • Ping Optimizer
  • Akismet
  • Database Backup
  • Simple CAPTCHA
  • Permalink Migrator
  • Add a blog post to

    1. Sign into your website. Which is usually

    2. Once you sign in you will be taken to the dashboard of your website. Look to the left column and you will see various options. Look for the thumb tack with Posts next to it. Hover over the right hand corner and you will see a down arrow to appear – click the down arrow and you will see 4 menu options >> Edit >> Add New >> Post Tags >> Categories.

    A. If you already have a blog post that you need to EDIT then click edit and find the blog post title that needs edited… hover over the blog title and select Edit which appears right below the blog title.

    B. If you need to create a blog post click ADD NEW.

    3. Next you will be taken to a new webpage with the title ADD NEW POST. The first white box is for the Title or the Heading of the blog post.

    4. Below Upload/Insert is a bigger white box and start typing what you want. Over time you will learn to highlight text and then change Paragraph to Heading 1, Heading 2, etc. You can do the same to make it Bold or Italic. So many choices and over time you will be a pro at adding pages and posts to your website.

    5. Before you click publish – REMEMBER select the categories and tags that apply to this post. Not sure what categories or tags are – read this blog post!

    Now you are ready for your second post – just REPEAT!

    Starting your own BLOG?

    My business coach has helped me a lot since we first were introduced to each other. She has guided me to understand repurposing of content effectively and that if your website does not have a blog — you better get started today.

    I am going through the notes from last year to finally write the rest of my blog post ideas and I wanted to help you if you are just starting your own blog or unsure if you should even have one. First off YES I think it is a must. I have noticed that depending what I write about people are reading.

    So if you are in the beginning stages do this:

    1. You need to decide what you want your blog to focus on.

    2. From there what Categories and Tags should you have for your blog. This will help you to decide what you will write about. She went into further explanation that Categories are like the items on a Menu and Tags are like the ingredients to the Menu items. So use the Tags to describe what is within the category and these can be the keywords that you want to focus on for each blog post.

    I have learned a lot and am so grateful for everyone that I come upon – because of this I have to step back and SAY THANK YOU for all that you have done and this blog post is dedicated to Erica Rueschhoff. She knows that she has helped me take my business to the next notch and if you are looking for guidance and a great business coach – first off visit and answer the burning question “What is your biggest challenge or what could you use more information on to help your business grow?

    Keep Movin’ Forward!