The Real K.E.Y. To Becoming A Successful Ebook Writer

There must be some reason why certain ebook writers are successful and others are not.

In other words, why do some authors make high six-figure incomes (even seven-figures!) and others barely make enough to cover their hosting fees?

There must be some reason for the difference in level of success, right?

There is.

In fact, there are three “reasons” why that I want to share with you now. I’ve used the word “K.E.Y.” as an acronym to reveal these three elements of successful ebook publishing.

1. K = KEEP it concise.

One of the biggest mistakes ebook writers make is starting their project with the idea in mind that their ebook must be a certain number of pages in length.

That is, they assume the ebook should be 50 pages or 100 pages or even 200 pages in order to be desirable to consumers.

Wrong. Ding. Thanks for playing.

Much more important than QUANTITY is QUALITY. Almost every potential customer in your target market is considerably more interested in learning something useful than they are reading a bunch of commentary that has little or no real value to them.

The ability to concisely (yet comprehensively) share content that is practical is a must if you want to be successful in the information business. No fluff. No filler. No fat. Just the meat.

That’s what consumers want. Especially today in our fast-paced, instant, I-want-it-now society.

And chances are you are much more likely to write a 30 page manual and get it done than you are to slave over trying to measure up to a 200 page masterpiece.

Your first key to success is “keep it concise”. Share what you need to share in the least amount of pages as possible. It doesn’t have to be the great American novel. This isn’t Hemingway.

2. E = ENJOY yourself.

I simply must mention that if you enjoy your “work” then you are exponentially more likely to complete your ebooks than those who reluctantly or grudgingly write.

Seriously, don’t underestimate what I’m saying here. You’ll get much more done as a writer by having fun with our subject matter.

That’s the beauty of information publishing. YOU get to pick the topic. A topic of interest – of passion – to you as the author. Something you find enjoyable, even exhilarating.

To be sure, you want to choose topics that are in demand and have a ready-made audience awaiting who are willing to purchase them. But, at the same time, you can look for those marketable topics that appeal to your interests and expertise.

I don’t care how “profitable” a subject may be, I’d never take it on as a project of mine unless I got some sense of satisfaction or enjoyment in writing about it.

Instead, look for those things that you are already talking about anyway. And then write what you’ve been talking about.

3. Y = YIELD results.

Finally, I must exhort you to “yield results”. That is, you simply must stick to it and finish the job.

I cannot tell you how many people that I’ve met online who struggle with the affliction “short-of-the-finish-line-it is”.

They begin running the race with gusto. They pick their topic like it was a Nike outfit. They outline their ebook like they just heard the starting gun fire. They come up with ideas to include in their work like they were sprinting down the track.

And when they round the first corner, they start slowing down. Before they know it, they’re up in the stands watching others cross the finish line.

That’s why I am adamant about telling you the golden rule of ebook content: Never start something you can’t finish in 30 days.

With any new ebook you are planning on writing, choose the topic and outline it in such a way that you can complete the content within one calendar month. Anything that goes beyond that period of time is likely going to be discarded somewhere past the starting gate and before the finish line.

It’s important that you set for your goal a reasonable, reachable amount of pages for your ebook … such as 30 pages. Then, divide that goal number of pages into your 30 days. In this example, it would mean writing just ONE page per day (very realistic!) for 30 days and your ebook will be completed.

Victory! The finish line!

Certainly there are a wide variety of other “keys” to being successful as an ebook writer (choosing the right topics, learning to outline well, brainstorming ideas, marketing, etc.) but these three form a solid foundation for you to build upon as you continue to learn more about information publishing.

K = KEEP it concise.

E = ENJOY yourself.

Y = YIELD results.

See you on your victory lap!

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