Using HTML Tags in Articles, Blog Posts or Press Releases to help with Link Building…

  1. Using HTML tags in blog posts, articles and press releases can help to improve overall readability and comprehension. Help to organize your information and by providing a link – give the reader a chance to “read more” and provide emphasis on the subject at hand, as well as link to related or supplementary information.
  2. HTML Tag format 101 – all tags start with “<” and end with “>. The text between the “<” and “>” is how the tag operates. You could have <b> = bold, <i> = italics, <u> = underlined. Tag exist in pairs – think of it as a “OPEN” tag <b> and a “CLOSE” tag </b>. The open and close tags surround text. For example… I want to bold this word <b>START</b> and underline this word <i>END</i>.
  3. Maybe you want to have a list to help organize the content within the blog posts, article or press release… Use <ol> for an ordered (also known as a numbered) list and <ul> for an unordered (bullet point) list. Use <li> and </li> around the text line for each item. End the list with either </ol> or </ul> to close the list.
  4. Want to have a Linked URL with Anchored Text? A standard link format is <a href=””>ANCHORED TEXT HERE</a>. Now if you want the link to open in a new window we need to add a target to the link which then looks like this: <a target=”_new” href=””>ANCHORED TEXT HERE</a>.


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