YOUR GUIDE TO INTERNET FREEBIES – Lesson 11: Know Your Freebie Downloads

nextlesson-internetfreebiesWhen it comes to downloading internet freebies like software, music, screensavers etc., it helps to know these freebies before you bother. You will want to get your downloads from a reputable site; preferably one that offers customer reviews.

If your website, such as or offers these, then read all of the customers comments so that you can be prepared beforehand for whatever happens. Also, if you are looking for absolutely freeware, you will have to check the license area of the description. To be sure that you are in fact getting a freebie, you will want to be sure that the license says freeware or free. If it says demo or trial, it will not be free.  Let’s look at those more closely.


This is software programs that are completely free, which means that you will never have to pay for them. These are the most popular software freebies on the net. Of course they have their advantages and disadvantages too. Lets look at these right now!


–      Naturally it is free

–      It often has many features that paid versions offer

–      They are easy to install/remove

–      They often include free upgrades


–      Some can be tricky, and actually be trials not totally free

–      Some are lacking in features

–      Many require paid versions in order to receive full features

–      Some contain ad/spyware, viruses and worms

–      Some are simply not what they claim to be.